Communicate with investors,
where they are

With Aquafadas solutions, you can reach them easily on their mobile devices, as it suits them, online or offline. No matter what they use.

Our system is compatible with Android and iOS for smartphone and tablet.
And to top it off, we are also capable to export to HTML 5.

ipad reader

Deliver the ultimate reader experience

Native and responsive app will allow you to keep all your company content in one place whilst offering an engaging experience for a user.

Keep your data safe

Privacy issues? Restricted content? With our solution you can restrict access to your documents to users with logins only. And all the permissions can be managed in real time with your backend tool.

ipad reader

Stay close, measure and learn

The moment the app is downloaded it creates a direct link to your investor. You can stay connected, send reminders and track clicks in your dashboard whilst analyzing behavior: who, what, when, where.

Need to know more? No problem. Our tools are integrated with third-party software like Localytics, Appboy, GA all of them designed to help marketers build customer relationships through an app.

Dreaming aboug being in
control of your app?

What if you could have your own beautiful app making your company content work even harder? Our Next Gen App tool will do the job for you! And to top of it off it could be customizable in real time. Daily updates, custom banners, news feed or videos integration - easy.

No time? No Designer?
No problem!

Do you know that your existing PDFs could be readapted into your app? Our Cloud Authoring will convert your documents for you even in large volumes at the same time improving reader’s experience by adding interactive elements.

Interactivity with no coding?

As if by magic designers could bring your documents to life? With InDesign Authoring pixel perfect content for smartphones and tablets can be simply created within Adobe InDesign. Our 40+ content enrichment features will provide a truly immersive reading experience.

Any questions? Want to learn more?