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The Key to Digital Publishing

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Aquafadas's Digital Publishing System is the easy way to create, distribute and measure great quality content everywhere. It combines the most advanced tools with a versatile library of ready-to-use Apps, ePub3 export capability as well as a Web reader.
Publishers across all industries create rich-content books, graphic novels, magazines, newspapers as well as trade marketing and corporate materials without writing a single line of code.

We loved great design & cool software. Let us make your vision a reality!

How it works?


Custom-design interactive publications by using Adobe InDesign or create beautifully designed automated digital publications from PDF or XML with no coding required.
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Publish everywhere

Once your content is ready you can publish it through an App for iPad/iPhone, Android or a Web reader that runs in all browsers. You can also publish your content through Apple iBooks store and other platforms using fixed-layout ePub3. 
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Manage, distribute & analyze

Aquafadas’s Publishing System enables you to manage and distribute your content across to all platforms.
Increase your revenue by analyzing reading behavior using analytical tools (Flurry, Xiti & Google Analytics), meet your advertisers objectives and optimize your digital publishing budget by finding out which content and ads your readers like most.
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Why choose Aquafadas Publishing System?

It includes InDesign Authoring for designers to create great content. They are rich in content yet easy to use and you don’t need to write a line of code!

Quick way to customize rich-designed interactive content that meets both your readers and advertisers’ expectations. 

You can set up the optimal combination of workflow automation by selecting from different sources (pdf, xml, in-design files or create from scratch).

Growing distribution won’t ruin your budget- No per-download fees or up-front investment required.

Stay in control of your budget-Aquafadas pricing is simple, competitive and easy to manage.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System is already used in over 1,000 published Apps.


Key Features

Instantly Readable

android publishing app

It has never been easier for your readers to focus on the text instead of scrolling with their fingers. Guided Reading is the most intuitive way to read text that spans across multiple columns and pages. By simply tapping the screen, the reader is guided through the content, while maintaining the user's preferred zoom level.
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Pushing the limits of Rich content

comic book publishing

Create amazing interactive content in Indesign for Apps and ePub without writing a line of code. Whether you want to create stunning animations, include games, read aloud, 360 views or scrollable layouts, Aquafadas tools for enrichments will wow your readers and convince your clients to advertise with you.
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Apps without boundaries

pdf to digital magazine

Create content that can be published for iOS and Android devices. Simply upload your AVE files to the Publishing portal which sends the right file for each device.
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Unleash the power of ePub3

epub export

Next to Apps, ePub 3 is the easiest way to get your content to Tablets. Aquafadas new ePub 3 reflow and/or fixed layout export capability lets you create beautiful ePub files. Great font and style rendering as well as pixel-perfect image rendering are just a few of its distinguishing features. Exports include All ePub3 enrichments: video, sounds, HTML animations, read aloud, slideshows, and more.
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Discover the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System

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