Control every aspect of your app.

Cloud Connect is a portal where you can manage apps and publications you’ve built with Aquafadas tools. Oversee your titles and issues, analytics, distribution and marketing—all from our intuitive, free platform.

Our system makes it simple to manage your hosting, app licenses, sales data, user databases and marketing tools, and it’s accessible everywhere—even on a mobile device!


Simple distribution, everywhere.

Link your account to iTunes Connect, as well as the Google and Amazon development portals. Once you’ve packaged your app, use Cloud Connect to easily distribute your content across platforms.


Understand your audience.

Monitor your app in Cloud Connect with our built-in analytical tools. Keep track of your app’s sales and gather data about how your users interact with your content. For a truly granular level of data, Aquafadas also lets you integrate third-party analytics tools like Google Analytics or Flurry.

In addition, Cloud Connect also allows you to build a user database within our system. Or, using Database Connection, connect with an API and link your app to an existing database of subscribers.

Master the market.

Our tools make it easier than ever to monetize and promote your app. Run marketing campaigns using in-app messages and push notifications, embed HTML5 advertising, monitor your in-app sales, and create promotional events for your users—all within Cloud Connect.

Or, integrate with mobile ad networks and marketing automation platforms for a more customisable app marketing solution.


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