Turn your illustrations into an interactive mobile app, e-book or web reader.

Animate your work to create an immersive reading experience or use page mode to preserve your book’s format.

A powerful, intuitive interface.

ComicComposer lets you direct your animations using virtual cameras, and it only takes a few seconds to compose your shots and scenes. Then, preview them instantly in the viewer window to see how they’ll display on digital devices.

Your illustrations on every screen.

Adapt your comics to display perfectly on every digital device. Choose between smartphone or tablet screen sizes, pick your .jpg art files and ComicComposer will arrange them to fit on the screen size of your choice.

You can also preview the results on a real tablet or smartphone using our free Aquafadas Viewer app for iOS and Android.

Two reading experiences in one app.

For fast digital conversion, choose Page Mode and your comics will appear exactly as they do in book form. If you want to create a more immersive experience, add virtual cameras and your readers will be guided through your work shot by shot. If you choose to animate your work, you can make both the Animated and Page Mode versions available to your readers, or pick a single display mode for every viewer.

Export everywhere.

Publish an eBook

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Sell your eBooks on the most popular
digital book stores!

  •  Fixed layout.
  •  Reflow layout.
  •  Sophisticated enrichments.


Publish an App

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Transform your content into a mobile
app for Android or iOS!

  •  Create your own branded store.
  •  Manage your reader-community.
  •  Manage user analytics.
  •  Insert sophisticated enrichments.


Publish a Web Reader

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Showcase your content in a branded
web-reader that dipslays like an app.

  •  Publish on the web.
  •  Fit to the side of the screen.
  •  Same content in your app & the web.
  •  Sophisticated enrichments.


2.33GHz or faster x86-compatible processor or Intel® Atom™ 1.6GHz or faster processor for netbooks, Microsoft® Windows® XP Home, Professional, or Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 3; Windows Server® 2003; Windows Server® 2008; Windows Vista® Home Premium, Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise (including 64-bit editions) with Service Pack 2; or Windows 7, 1024MB of RAM (2GB recommended).

Mac OS
Intel Core™ Duo or faster processor, Mac OS X v10.6 or v10.7, 1024MB of RAM (2GB recommended.

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