Who is it for?

Corporate communications is all about connecting people, and we built our digital publishing tools with that in mind. Build engaging L&D apps, create beautiful corporate magazines or design compelling digital marketing content and publish it instantly across your entire sales organization—all without the need for custom development.

With the Aquafadas digital publishing system, it’s easy to create:

  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Product Catalogs and Brochures
  •  Sales Enablement Tools
  •  Technical Documentation
  •  Internal Corporate Communications

Everything you build with our system can be fully branded and interactive. Create and enhance your content easily with no coding experience, or use our SDK to develop advanced projects.

In addition, we offer special tools and features tailored for business and catalog applications. These include:

  •  Website eCommerce Integration
  •  Offline Shopping
  •  Inventory Connection
  •  Appboy Integration

Speak with a sales representative for information on how we can integrate these and other enterprise features.

How does it work?

Create or transform your content.

What makes Aquafadas unique in the digital publishing world is that we offer both cloud and InDesign-based authoring tools. Which tool you use is dependent on your organization’s individual needs.

Cloud Authoring
A user-friendly system for converting documents into interactive publications for the web and mobile devices. Add interactive elements to your layout and convert it to display on mobile devices or within a branded web-reader.
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InDesign Authoring
Build feature-rich content in Adobe InDesign. InDesign Authoring is ideal for building born-digital apps and publications with an advanced degree of complexity, without the need for any coding or development.
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Software Development Kit
Build a custom, full-featured mobile application, or integrate our technology into an existing app. This is a versatile, scaleable solution for large-volume publishers and companies who employ a development team.
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Make it interactive.

After you’ve uploaded or created your layout using Cloud Authoring or our InDesign plugin, you can begin adding interactive elements to your content. The interactive elements our system offers include:

  •  Drag & Drop
  •  Guided Reading
  •  Videos
  •  Streaming Music Files
  •  Image State Change
  •  Pop-Ups
  •  Font Management
  •  Embedded Web Pages
  •  Action Buttons
  •  Horizontal/Vertical Layout
  •  Dynamic Content
  •  Scrollable Layout
  •  iPad Retina Export
  •  Location Services
  •  Read Aloud
  •  Comics
  •  Slide Show
  •  Games
  •  Animated Images
  •  and more!

Export your project and distribute it everywhere.

Once your creation is complete, you can export your new digital file to your choice of the following formats:


This is the standard e-book format, which can be viewed on most tablets, smartphones and eReaders. They support text, audio and video, and can be sold on major newsstand apps like Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore and Google Play.

Mobile App

Create mobile apps using the AVE format, an Aquafadas’ proprietary format, which supports all of our advanced features. AVE files are built to run within an app container, which is created using our free AppFactory program. The bundled iOS or Android app can be distributed on all major app stores, or internally within your organization.


Our system also includes the option to export your content to an HTML5 web app, which can be branded to your organization and embedded into your website. This offers the ability to display your content in a web environment for added versatility

Understand your audience.

Aquafadas offers a range of tools that can help your market and optimize your content.

  •  Push Notifications
  •  Third-Party Analytics Integration
  •  In-App Purchases
  •  Mobile Ad Network Integration
  •  Manage Reader Accounts
  •  Connect to Internal Company Databases


  •  No coding skills required.
  •  Versatile InDesign plugin for building feature-rich content.
  •  Cloud Authoring system for digital reformatting of existing content.
  •  Cross-platform—publish to any major app store.


  •  Powerful tools like push notifications, analytics integration, geolocation support and more.
  •  Adaptable to your workflow.
  •  Distribute publicly on app stores or in-house only.
  •  Infinite customization with our SDK.


  •  Simple pricing model, pay only when you publish.
  •  No contracts or minimum commitments.
  •  No download fees or revenue sharing.
  •  Solutions for every budget.


  •  Build your app internally, with or without a developer.
  •  Host sensitive content on your own servers.
  •  Retain your distribution certificate.
  •  Password-control access to your app.

Ready to go digital?