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Create ePUB3 documents
using our Adobe InDesign plugins

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Amazing ePUB3 enrichments

  •  Slideshows,
  •  videos and sounds,
  •  links,
  •  reading aloud,
  •  web pages,
  •  HTML5 animations.
Tablet publication

Create new marketing functions

Insert links into your publications in order to promote your other apps. Embed your newsletter registration fields and create links to your marketing events.

Monetize app

Fonts size adjustment

While reading, you can adjust the font size through buttons A+ and A- in order to make reading more enjoyable.

Smartphone publication

Enjoy text search

With text search tool, you can search words or phrases in 2 clicks.

Export in Reflow or Fixed Layout mode

App for Kindle


Text reflow enables the expansion of typography.
Ideal for text-heavy content, your layout will change
according to size of text used.

Download an ePub3 example

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Fixed Layout

Perfect reproduction
of a PDF generated automatically
with our Cloud Authoring.

Download an ePub3 example

Distribute your ePUB 3 files
in Apple iBookstore, Kobo or Amazon!

Application factory

In a few months, eBook sales platforms such as Apple iBookstore, Kobo or the Amazon Kindle store have become acclaimed by tablets users for download and reading books. These platforms allow 24 hour access the latest best-sellers, classics or any type of literature. Aquafadas version 2.0, integrates all the tools necessary for the publication of books on those platforms.

- "eBook sales from portable devices will reach nearly $10 billion worldwide, by 2016"
the Mobile Publishing report 2011-2016.

How to export in ePUB3 Fixed Layout 2.0

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