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Use Aquafadas Technology And Speed Up Your Development

You use AVE AppFactory to create apps for digital devices, and you want to change an AVE AppFactory app template? Are you a system integrator and want to create unique apps for your customers? Do you already have an app which you want to integrate with Aquafadas’ digital publishing tools? Our SDK is designed to help you achieve all of this.

The Difference Between AVE AppFactory And The Software Development Kit

AVE AppFactory is an easy-to-use service that enables everyone to create apps for digital devices such as the iPad without coding. AVE AppFactory does not require to purchase or use our SDK.

Aquafadas’ SDK is a development framework intended to be used by software developers and system integrators who want to develop their own apps or integrate existing apps with Aquafadas’ InDesign plugins and the Publisher Portal. The SDK is designed to significantly reduce development time of apps compared to conventional development methods.

Develop Applications For iPhone And iPad Faster

The SDK consists of:

  • A collection of native frameworks written in Objective-C that are pre-compiled and run on the iOS simulator and iOS devices
  • Sample applications that illustrate the various functions of the SDK
  • AVE file format documentation
  • SDK documentation

You can:

  • Create a complete newsstand, including store management, in-app purchase and subscriptions, and personal library
  • Create a content library
  • Create standalone applications for individual publications
  • Create an application by using formatted structured content (XML)


  • AVE reader framework, which contains an AVE reader embedded into your iOS application. This reader runs on iPad, iPhone, and iPod
  • AVE reflow framework, which lets you lay out structured content (XML) in a style sheet and a model that describes the locations of the blocks and how the objects fit into this layout
  • Framework of enrichment components
  • The connection to the portal framework (the avepublishing.com Publisher Portal). It outlines a series of methods and classes to navigate through the content associated with apps (such as list of titles, list of publications, metadata, access to preview images, download access, purchasing management)
  • Services framework (bookmark and notes management, statistics management)

The SDK is sold as an annual license and can be used to develop an unlimited number of applications.
At Aquafadas we use the SDK ourselves to develop our apps and reading technology, and we constantly improve it, making it a robust and proven set of development tools.

Android Application Development

We will provide a software development kit for the Android platform soon.

Reduce Your Development Cost

Aquafadas technology supports multiple platforms and enables companies to achieve economies of scale. The same AVE files that can be read on iPhone and iPad also can be read using Android apps that were developed using the Android SDK.

Challenges and Aquafadas solutions

It is difficult to meet the growing demand for unique applications while remaining competitive and controlling cost?
Significantly reduce development time by using Aquafadas SDK and create as many applications as you want

Standard development tools are not flexible enough?
Use only the SDK components you need

Creating the content for an application is as complex as developing the app itself?
Easily create rich content that can be used in apps across platforms through Aquafadas’ publishing tools

I want to use Aquafadas’ digital publishing tools but I already have an app?
Integrate Aquafadas reader with your app and profit from Aquafadas advanced digital publishing solution

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