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from iPad, iPhone and Android apps

Aquafadas Digital Publishing System allows you to create applications for smartphones and tablets without writing a single line of code. Our flexible system covers everything you need, from automated generation of content to highly enriched, tailored apps.

Tools for publishers

Already an app developer? Cut down development time with our Software Development Kit

Everyone who already develops software can use our Software Development Kit to rapidly create apps based on a a library of native Objective-C (for IOS) and Java (for Android) frameworks.

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Create content for tablets and smartphones from Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXPress

Our plugins for Adobe® InDesign® as well as QuarkXPress App Studio allow you to create compelling content for tablets and smartphones, using software you are already familiar with. Enhancements, such as videos and slide shows can be added to a PDF-based publication or can be integrated into entirely new tablet and smartphone publications.

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Automated digital content production

Our Digital Publishing System enables you to produce even large numbers of documents for tablets and smartphones. You can add automated production, based on PDF or XML, to your existing workflow. With Aquafadas’ patented technology, apps and content are generated in a matter of minutes, and are readable on all devices.

Best publishing references

Geolocation, animated 3-D pictures:
Go beyond your customers expectations

The wide range of interactive features in our System is easy to use. Using a intuitive user interface in Adobe® InDesign®, enrich your digital documents with animated 3-D images, geolocalisation, and games, no coding required. We upgrade our System constantly to to keep you on the leading edge of digital publishing.

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Monetize your apps

Aquafadas makes monetizing apps simple: Integrate advertising campaigns, offer in-app purchase with the click of a button, link subscriptions to subscriber databases, and integrate with e-commerce systems. Finally, analyze sales and reading behavior using standard analytics tools such as Google Analytics.

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