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myKiosk: test your content

Test Your Digital Documents On iPad Before You Publish

myKiosk for iPad is a free viewer app for interactive content that has been created in AVE format using QuarkXpress® 9 or Aquafadas' plugins for Adobe® InDesign® and ComicComposer.
myKiosk is part of Aquafadas’ digital publishing solution and enables you to view and test your content and its interactivity features before publishing it on Apple’s App Store.

Aquafadas Digital Publishing Solution enables you to:

  • Enrich documents once created for print with sound, videos, slideshows, and easy-to-use navigation, just by using our plugins for Adobe® InDesign® and XTensions for QuarkXPress® or create a digital comic book with ComicComposer.
  • Create and customize your app by using AVE AppFactory.
  • Distribute, sell and manage your apps and publications through the Avepublishing.com Publisher Portal.

The AVE file format is a rich format designed by Aquafadas for the publishing industry. It supports a wide range of interactive features : slideshows, galleries, videos, actions, popups, zoomable images, and much more.

View Your Digital Documents On iPad With A Single Click

After you created interactive content by using Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress you simply send the AVE file to a running instance of myKiosk via Wifi to your iPad, or use your browser, or use iTunes to upload your file. Or you review the AVE file in myKiosk in the iPad Simulator software on your computer. (You can download myKiosk for iPad Simulator software by connecting yourself on Aquafadas Digital Publishing Portal : Avepublishing.

Organize And Showcase Your Interactive Content

myKiosk is designed to be your interactive content collection in which you test and showcase your digital publications, and it lets you organize and categorize your documents by adding information such as publisher name, author name, and collection name). myKiosk also displays PDF files.

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