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Cloud Connect

Manage, Sell, Distribute and Analyze Your Digital Publications

Cloud Connect is an online service for distribution and sales management as well as sales and marketing analytics. It complements and links AppFactory, the easiest way to create interactive apps, and Aquafadas’ plugins for Adobe InDesign, which enable designers to create interactive content without coding, into a complete, one-stop solution, making digital publishing easy and accessible for everyone.

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Publish Apps and Content in Four Easy Steps

Apps for smartphones and tablets, such as Apple®’s iPad®, Motorola™’s Xoom, and Samsung™’s Galaxy are created using AVE AppFactory, and content is created through our plugins for Adobe® InDesign®. Aquafadas’ Publisher Portal let’s you link your content with the respective apps, manage distribution and sales, and analyze the effectiveness of advertising and reading behaviour.

Before you make your apps and content public, you can test your apps and content for free. When you are ready to publish you just purchase the right number of publishing licenses through Aquafadas’ Publisher Portal and you are good to go.

After you registered at Aquafadas’ Publisher Portal you can publish your apps and content in four easy steps:

  • Register magazine and newspaper titles as well as book assortments and add metadata, such as title names, descriptions, and search keywords.
  • Register your applications for various operating systems like Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android™ and add required metadata, such as the Application ID provided by Apple’s App Store or the Bundle ID provided by the Android Market.
  • Purchase publishing licenses to make your apps and content public.
  • Publish your content by linking AVE files created through Aquafadas’ InDesign plugins with the respective apps created with AVE AppFactory.

Market Your Content And Measure Success

In the near future you can go far beyond mere publishing of apps and content because we will enable you to:

  • Increase revenue by selling through a variety of channels, such as online bookstores and newsstands of your partners.
  • Improve your digital offering by tracking and analyzing reading behaviour, which lets you measure the effectiveness of advertising and create the right content for your audience.
  • Offer subscriptions and manage expiration dates and renewals.
  • Let your customers to manage their purchases and enjoy a superior reading experience: Readers can download content to the iPad but also read it on an Android-based device, and they can share notes and bookmarks with other users. Through transaction storage they can restore their purchases and reinstall apps and content in case the switch to a new device.

Challenges and Aquafadas solutions

Building a distribution channel for digital publications is complex and expensive?
Manage your apps and content easily through Aquafadas´ Publisher Portal.

Only unalterable applications can be created?
Publish new content into your applications at any time.

It´s costly to build an end-to-end digital offering that includes user account management, purchasing, and subscriptions?
Aquafadas’ Publisher Portal offers ready-to-use modules to manage your offering.

My digital document can’t be distributed by distribution partners?
Aquafadas’ Publisher Portal enables distribution through a variety of partner channels and applications.

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