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Solution for magazines & newspapers

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Publish fast

Streamline production

Create highly enriched digital publications

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Automate digital publishing

Digital newspapers and magazines are automatically created from PDF or XML files.
With Aquafadas‘ patented technology, newspapers and magazines are generated in a few minutes, and are readable on all devices, including our unique Guided Reading technology.

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Create enriched magazines & newspapers

To allow publishers create digital magazines and newspapers at minimal production cost, we enable the use of PDF files once created for print, enrich them using Adobe® InDesign®, and create an interactive digital version. Without the need of being a developer, you can produce interactive content, including a wide range of enrichments like games, slideshows, videos or geolocation with our Digital Publishing System. Adapt your printed magazine or newspaper to be read on digital devices, or create dedicated digital publications - choose the best way for you.

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Integrate with your production workflow

You don’t have to implement an additional production workflow to publish digital content. Aquafadas Digital Publishing System can easily be integrated in different types of established publishing workflows and solutions. Readily available, the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System is integrated with Van Gennep’s PlanSystem and Publishing NOW!

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Based on the cloud

Applications and publications are stored and managed in a cloud-based environement, which allows publishers to provide additional services to their customers: Purchase information can be recovered even if customers upgrade to newer smartphones or tablets. For example, on AveComics, our digital comics sales platform, customers can buy their albums over the Internet or directly from their smartphone, and read them on iPad or Android tablets.

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A new source of income

Our business model is not based on revenue sharing or payments based on the number of downloads. Publish by just buying publishing and application licenses, at a one-time fee, with no limitations such as time limits for downloads. Our solution lets you monetize your content through the integration of advertising campaigns, buttons for in-app purchase, and subscription packages. And you can analyze reading behavior by connecting your applications with standard analytics tools such as Google Analytics or Flurry. Your app can be linked to a customers database to let you manage and market your publication.

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Enrich your publications in post-production

Even if you create your magazine or newspaper automatically, you still can add more interactivity on all or selected pages only. Simply modify your publication, and the document will be automatically brought back online.

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Add games for a richer user experience

Aquafadas plugin for Adobe® InDesign® make it easy to create games such as sudoku, mazes and puzzles. Again, no coding required.

Discover the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System

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