Test your content on every device.

Now, you can know exactly how your app will look and function on every tablet and smartphone before you publish. Aquafadas Viewer is available on the iOS and Google Play App Stores. Just download it to your digital device, connect to iTunes or a wi-fi network, and you’ll have the ability to send your finished content directly to your device from Adobe InDesign or Cloud Authoring in one click!


Fully featured, fully free.

Use your app, read ePUB ebook files or PDF content—it will function and display within the Viewer exactly as it will when it’s published. Organize your projects within the viewer and easily test every interactive element to be sure your app or publication is 100% functional before you publish.

Once testing is complete, simply send your ZAVE file to AppFactory and you’re ready to start publishing!

Download Aquafadas Viewer

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