iDive transforms your videos into a catalog that's easy and quick to put together and access.

What can iDive do for you?

Your movie collection is expanding (on memory card, hard drive, DVDs or even video cassette), but you don't know how to organize them? Don't lose those precious personal moments or your all important professional footage... let iDive take control! In a few clicks, iDive will automatically display your footage collection in thumbnails and/or one or more samples for each clip. iDive offers a multitude of new functions for even faster and easier use.

Windows 7, XP, 1GB of RAM, Processor Dual Core.

Mac OS
Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.10 ; 1 GHz Intel-based Mac ; 1 GB of RAM ; Flash® Player v10.0.1 or above ; Internet connection required for registration and online publishing ; Compatible with Snow Leopard Lion and Mountain Lion. Compatible iBooks Author. We are currently working on the update for El Captain. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified.