Aquafadas Digital Publishing System Compatible With Apple® iOS5 and Newsstand®

Magazines and Newspapers can generate Newsstand-compatible apps including full subscription support using AVE AppFactory 1.1

For immediate Release.
Montpellier/New York City, Sept. 29, 2011.

Aquafadas today announced that users of Digital Publishing System can generate magazine and newspaper apps for Apple’s iTunes Newsstand section and the Newsstand folder on the iPad with AVE AppFactory 1.1, which will be released shortly after the release of iOS5.

Newsstand can help publishers significantly expand app sales and advertising revenue through increased visibility of magazines and newspapers combined with flexible payment options.

In a few steps users of AVE AppFactory can create Newsstand-compatible apps, simply by selecting a Newsstand enabled template, configuring the app for notification and subscriptions, and submitting an app update to Apple.

By adding Newsstand support, Aquafadas Digital Publishing System enables publishers to create magazine and newspaper issues that are located by Newsstand and downloaded to iPad® Newsstand shelves automatically, helping publishers increase sales through push notifications of their latest issues, and icon covers, which are displayed on the Newsstand shelf.

The same functional scope will also be available in Quark’s App Studio solution, which is based on Aquafadas’ technology.

The dedicated Newsstand area in the iTunes App Store℠ provides really great benefits for publishers. Besides significantly increased discoverability, the background download delivers new issues instantly when they become available, which makes reading on the iPad even more convenient,” said Claudia Zimmer, Aquafadas’ CEO. “We will support Newsstand just very shortly after the release of iOS5 with AVE AppFactory 1.1, so our customers can almost instantly profit from Newsstand.

Press contact: Allison Reber & Fatima Ouariba

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Aquafadas’ tools let designers create fully interactive apps and content for iPad and iPhone® by using the tools they are familiar with, Adobe® InDesign® and QuarkXPress®, and without requiring programming skills. The same functional scope will also be available in Quark’s App Studio solution, which is based on Aquafadas’

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