VideoPier instead will let you copy the files from you camcorders without requiring any conversion.

Why VideoPier?

VideoPier has been designed to make it easy to transfer video material from a camcorder to your Mac. It was specifically designed for MPEG-2 camcorders, since those were not properly handled on the Mac. The fundamental idea behind VideoPier was to copy the videos from the camcorder WITHOUT doing any conversion and provide the conversion tools so that they could be run on selected videos only. The “no-need-for-conversion” argument is very important in some situations where the tools provided by Apple (iMovie) impose a conversion that often dramatically increases the amount of disk space needed to store the footage.

Windows 7, XP, 1GB of RAM, Processor Dual Core.

Mac OS
Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.10; 1 GHz Intel-based Mac ; 1 GB of RAM ; Flash® Player v10.0.1 or above ; Internet connection required for registration and online publishing ; Compatible with Snow Leopard Lion and Mountain Lion. Compatible iBooks Author. We are currently working on the update for El Captain. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified.

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