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Why VideoPier ?

VideoPier lets you visualize the clips on your camera that Quicktime would otherwise refuse to open. VideoPier lets you copy them to disk, and export them to any format for viewing (iPod, AppleTV, iPhone) or editing (iMovie 06/08).

Simplify your workflow

VideoPier will let you copy files from your camcorder to disk without any conversion. Your files will appear in date-based events for easy retrieval.

Built on solid foundations

VideoPier is built on top of the ffmpeg open-source component. This component provides very high quality video processing and support for a wide variety of formats.

Beauty and simplicity

detects your camcorder and lets you visualize all clips.

copy files from your camcorder to your hard drive in their original format.

import clips that have been already been copied to disk.

create events for the imported clips (events are organized by year like in iMovie 08).

visualize your clips, including their date.

multi-clip playback in the embedded player or in full screen.

export to any Quicktime format, to DV for iMovie 06, to the iPod/iPhone and Apple TV. In addition, VideoPier will keep track of the exported file so you can always retrieve it later.

export to iMovie 08 and 09

Workflows for both SD and HD video

VideoPier comes in two versions: a Standard version and a HD version (VideoPier HD).

While VideoPier is mainly targeted at users that have a standard definition camcorder (recording on SD cards, DVD, HardDrive), VideoPier HD adds the ability to capture from tape based HDV camcorders. VideoPier HD works with Final Cut and lets you export your HD clips in a format that is ready for editing.

VideoPier and iMovie

VideoPier is not a replacement for iMovie 06/08. Instead it offers the following benefits to iMovie users:

VideoPier lets you manage video files in their native format. VideoPier will save you time and disk space because you no longer need to convert all the videos from their original format into something iMovie understands. Instead, copy the files in their native format, visualize and organize them with VideoPier. When you need to use some of the files for your editing work, convert those files only.

if you are still using iMovie 06, then VideoPier lets you work with camcorders that iMovie simply won't recognize.

if you are using iMovie 08 or iMovie 09, then VideoPier lets you move away from the imposed Apple Intermediate Codec when editing convert MPEG files in your desired format (H264 for example) for later editing in iMovie.

VideoPier and HDV

VideoPier handles raw HDV material on your disk. Even if you don't possess the Apple HDV Codec that comes with Final Cut Pro, VideoPier lets you visualize and convert these files.

In addition, VideoPier HD supports footage from tape based HDV camcorders, complete with : scene detection, capture date extraction and custom file naming options.

VideoPier and AVCHD

VideoPier handles AVCHD material on your disk or from your AVCHD camcorder without requiring any conversion. VideoPier will then let you export those AVCHD files that you need for your project in any format that you like. With VideoPier, you can work with AVCHD files even on Macs where iMovie08 is not supported.

Supported camcorders(*)

VideoPier has been tested with videos coming from the following camcorders:

Panasonic SDR-S100, SDR-S150, SDR-H250, SDR-S7, SD-1000, HDC-SX5, HDC-SD5, HDC-HS9,

JVC Everio models recording MPEG-2 on Hard drive: GZ-MG37U, ...


Toshiba GigaShot cameras, HD2 A40F

Canon HG10, FS100, HF100, HF10 (requires VideoPier 1.2 or above for dual card support)...

Sony models recording on Hard-drive or card as well as mini-DV based HDV camcorders(**). Models include: HDR SR7, HDR SR12, DCR-SR42, HDR-TG1, DCR-SR46, HDR-SR8E

This list is far from complete and we keep adding more as we get reports from our customers.

(*) if your camcorder does not appear to be supported, please go to http://helpdesk.aquafadas.com/
(**) direct capture from HDV camcorders via Firewire is only supported in VideoPier HD.

New supported files format



There are many ways that VideoPier can simplify your existing workflow or even resolve blocked situations.

System requirements

OSX 10.7 or above.

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