Create interactive animations and display them everywhere!

The easiest way to create HTML5 and Flash animations.

MotionComposer bridges the gap between enthusiasts and professional designers by offering powerful tools for creating feature-rich animations, with a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Simply create a slide for each content state, then choose your animation styles and MotionComposer will automatically create the animation paths, eliminating the time-consuming process of animating content frame by frame.

Powerful tools for building engaging content.

Grâce aux animations et aux effets prêts-à-l’emploi, vous êtes encore plus productif. Ajouter des transitions, du son ou un bouton est un jeu d’enfant. Réalisez facilement :

  •  Web Cartoons
  •  Interactive Advertisements
  •  Animations for Mobile Apps and eBooks
  •  Educational Games
  •  Et bien plus

Compatible with every browser and digital device.

Everything you create with MotionComposer can be exported, embedded and viewed everywhere—on all desktop browsers, tablets, smartphones and next-generation e-readers.

Saviez-vous que 1/3 des internautes n’ont pas accès aux animations HTML5 ?

Nous aimons le nouveau format HTML5, mais le fait est que des millions d’internautes utilisent des versions passées d’Internet Explorer.Grâce à la fonction unique de MotionComposer, vous pouvez exporter vos animations à la fois en Flash et en HTML5. Ainsi les internautes qui ne peuvent voir l’HTML5 auront accès à l’animation Flash.Source:

Les animations MotionComposer peuvent se lire depuis n’importe quel navigateur, y compris les versions antérieures d’Internet Explorer.

Export your project—anywhere and everywhere.

Using an iFrame, you can embed your project on any website, blogging platform or CMS that supports HTML5 or Flash animation. Or, use your animated content for an e-book or mobile application!

Embedding in iBooks Author or Aquafadas Digital Publishing System.

MotionComposer can easily integrate your animations into your iBooks Author document, by exporting it as a widget. An example can be found by clicking here (only available on iPad with iBook 2).

MotionComposer can also export your animations into Aquafadas digital publishing system, create clickable objects or interactive animations to enrich the books and magazines for iPad and iPhone.

Mac OS
Mac OS X 10.8 to 10.10. ; 1 GHz Intel-based Mac ; 1 GB of RAM ; Flash® Player v10.0.1 or above ; Internet connection required for registration and online publishing ; Compatible with Snow Leopard Lion 10.6 and Mountain Lion 10.7. Compatible with iBooks Author. We are currently working on the update for El Captain. Subscribe to the newsletter to get notified.

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