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iDive the Digital Video Software for Mac OS X

iDive the perfect Digital Video Catalog for every DV camcorder user - iPod video -
What's new?

Features - Video Capture + Eport Video to your iPod + Clip sampling + Footage Visualisation + DV Log and annotation

+ Clip Search + Catalog Organisation + iMovie Export + Final Cut Export + iPhoto Export + Speed

Download - Versions History

Documentation + Quick Start - iDive's help

iDive's Reviews - O'Reilly Innovators Award + MacLife Review

Support - FAQ - FORUM

PulpMotion : Tell a story with your Photos and Videos

PulpMotion the new animation tool for photo and video


PulpMotion Reviews

Download -

The Store + Education Licence + Volume Licensing


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fast animation

fast animation
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quartz composer

fast animation
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fast animation 
fast animation 
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