Top posts of 2017: Apple, digital, e-learning, UX trends and best apps


2017 has been a big year for us! Full of company milestones, new chapters and wonderful existing and new clients. Here is a look at our favourite Rakuten Aquafadas blog stories – what kept us on our toes and what drew interest and attention of our readers! Thank you for following and sharing our articles and we look forward to more interesting digital, tech, mobile and app related stories this year!

Apple to end support of 32-bit apps – 2017 top posts

With the new Apple iOS11 comes the end of support for 32 bit-apps. Some say: “iOS 11 might kill your favorite old iPhone apps”. The 5S arrived in September 2013 as the first 64-bit iPhone. And every app that was created since then has had the option to run in 64-bit mode. This marks the date since apps and updates to receive Apple approval had to run in 64-bit mode. The apps created before and coded for 32-bit systems aren’t taking advantage of the extra hardware a 64-bit phone meaning slower apps and system.
This news and potential impact on app developers and managers created real interest waves and made this blog article one of our 2017 top posts.

How to stop Apple rejecting your marketing apps?

Another Apple-related story ranked really high. It was all about application rejections and what to do to stop it.
Your app is ready but Apple decided to reject it due to ‘marketing content’. What can you do to get the ever so important ‘OK’ from Apple? Check our second of top posts of 2017. You’ve created a shiny iOS app for your company. It’s a nice new sales tool. Or a new way to promote your brand and create a mobile access to it. Great job! It’s nearly ready to be launched. One last step remaining: Apple’s approval. Those familiar with the world of Apple Store know the quite often subjective review and sign off process.

Best Aquafadas apps of 2016

End of year summaries seem always do well. And many of you were well interested in knowing what in 2016 kept us on our toes. And how with our apps we were tackling digital and mobile challenges for our clients. All from various industries and parts of the world. One of our best posts of 2017 outlined how our solutions ventured all the way to Japan, Thailand, France, Austria, Kuwait and more. And how they’ve been used in pharma, automotive, services, entertainment, digital publishing, charity, public sector. For B2B and B2C users.

Digital in 2017 – expert predictions

As every year there are many changes happening in digital and tech. In another of our 2017 tops posts, we have analysed and discussed with experts what was big in the past. Also what they predicted to trend in 2017. We discussed live streaming video, IoT and AI, VR technologies. We wondered about end of apps predictions. We thought about evolution from sticky to slippy ones. Finally dominance of mobile that has surpassed desktop by becoming the top source of web traffic across the world. Digital transformation in enterprise entered a maturity stage. Big data, mobile apps, IoT and innovation moved from nice to haves into central components of a modern corporate strategy.

Trends in mobile user experience design – experts views

In the interconnected world, dominated by endless types of internet-powered devices, there are as many consumers personas. Also many behaviours and needs as number of ideas when it comes to how to offer them the ultimate, most satisfying UX mobile experience. A tricky task for sure! In 2017, as a digital content and app software company we were curious to find out if tech experts see certain commonalities. All of it when it comes to mobile user experience design or whether they differ in their opinions. We reached out to designers, speakers, UX directors, industry experts. We asked them about key predictions and trends in mobile user experience design. As a result, we saw certain commonalities: images, animations and videos; automation; multiscreen and multipurpose and finally designing for different needs.

eLearning trends for 2017

Is your eLearn strategy giving you a headache? How to take advantage of various innovative tools and train employees online? This was the key topic of our e-learn article about 2017 prognosis.
Apparently 2016 was a transformative year for corporate learning with a significant increase in demand and adoption of digital workplace training tools. A large number of enterprises swapped old school training methods (often classroom based) and are benefitting from innovative workplace learning. Accordingly to a well-known HR magazine Workforce: “73.6% of technology-delivered training in Fortune 500 firms comes through networked, online methods.”
But what was 2017 like in e-learn? Check one of our 2017 top posts.

PwC Store app – embodiment of digital innovation in client relations

PwC is one of the Big Four accounting firms in the world. It focuses on audit, assurance, tax and consulting services. Their 223,000 employees are present in 157 countries delivering expert reports around innovative topics, interacting with senior clients from various sectors. The French speaking group covers 23 countries and employs over 5800 people.
PwC is one of the pioneers when it comes to digital enterprise and employees. In 2016 they have launched a digital platform designed to help companies accelerate in digital transformation. And they needed an innovative tool for their own sales consultants. In order to strengthen their position when it comes to digital. Their key objective was ‘quality meeting experience’ through stunning digital demos, filled with often confidential stats and information. In our article we outlined the app platform created with our technology – a great case study to share!

Elegance and functionality – digital demo for the furniture leader

Good living, beauty and arts define Italy. This is where the famous furniture brand Natuzzi has been born nearly 60 years ago. And since then they were delivering comfort and stunning aesthetics through their irreplaceable living spaces accessories. But showcasing luxury, high quality fabrics, sensorial experiences and visual effect is a tricky task when it needs to be done online. In addition it’s a real challenge when beauty mixes with practicalities: up to date catalogues, multi language availability and easy distribution.
These were the challenges faced by Natuzzi when our Italian partners Rekordata and Net-Uno met them. In an app of the month article we presented how the needs of the famous furniture maker were met with a shiny and functional app.

Goodbye Flash. All you need to know

Finally the last of our 2017 top posts focused on 2017 Adobe news when they announced goodbye to its Flash software. They said it will be ‘killed’ (as some headlines announced it) by the end of 2020 and the software for making Flash will be renamed from Flash Professional CC to Animate CC.
“We will stop updating and distributing the Flash Player at the end of 2020 and encourage content creators to migrate any existing Flash content to these new open formats.”, Adobe spokeperson.
But what does it really mean and what about the future of interactive content? Review one of our 2017 top posts.

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