2020 Experiences Trends: Experts Predictions

2020 Experiences Trends: Experts Predictions

As we kick off another year, Rakuten Aquafadas experts have put together a list of top experiences trends that will have a significant impact in 2020. Let’s find out!

In 2019, the focus was onto collecting data on user behaviour. But in 2020, the attention will be translating these statistics into actionable insights to form authentic and lasting connections with customers. Among them Immersive Experience (iX), Customer Experience (CX), but also some that may surprise you. 

Immersive Experience (iX)

Design Thinking and UX/UI design fusion

“In my view, 2020 will be the year dedicated to design thinking. And this will definitely be integrated to the concept of UX/UI design because these two methods are complementary. For instance, at Rakuten Aquafadas the idea is to walk along with all clients in 2020 and beyond. We have some of the best leaders in UX/UI design and the latter’s can truly benefit from this in-house expertise.” Richard GIGOU, International Sales Director

ai experiences trends

AR, VR, MR and XR fusing with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“AR and VR are buzz words that seem directly extracted from a Science Fiction movie. With a more pragmatic vision, this technology offers a natural way to understand and interact with complex objects and environment. In its purest form, the user could totally forget the device used as interface. The goggles and stereoscopic rendering are still expensive for AR and need a complex setup for the VR but the AI and the power of the recent devices brought the monoscopic AR to phones and helped to democratise this technology with user friendly interface.

The real challenge now is to leverage this technology with real use cases for the existing park of devices and to go past the gimmicks.” Damien JARDON, Technical Lead Supervisor

Customer Experience (CX)

“Business, Marketing and Technology always meet at the customer experience concept. In fact, there was a huge sub-domain of Marketing Intelligence born a few years ago and that will still have a strong impact in 2020, it is what we call “FRICTIONLESS”. By removing as much friction as possible between the user and the service, we will make the user experience way smoother, way better and way more personalised.” Stephane DAYRAS, Pre-Sales Director

“Content is a key differentiator to really capture users’ attention and it’s up to UX experts to create tailor-made experiences based on rich and engaging content, essentially with video (which will soon represent more than 80% of global Internet traffic). Furthermore, it should really allow the user to choose and orient the content he consumes, like in video games or like the former “Choose your own adventure” books. Personalisation will be the UX key word of 2020.” Mickael Bernard, UX Expert

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“Voice search, combined with the adoption of voice assistants, will become essential means of interacting with an interface. It is estimated that 50% of search will be carried out through voice in 2020. The UX problem will then be to offer a fluid and natural conversation to end-users.” Mickael Bernard, UX Expert

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