2020 Technology Trends: Experts Predictions

2020 Technology Trends: Experts Predictions

New and emerging technologies have the capacity to change our lives. Find out what Rakuten Aquafadas industry experts think of the technology trends that will be shaping technology this year!

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

“From my perspective, Adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be the next wave in 2020. To begin with, Adaptive AI is the intersection of human judgment and machine automation. It has the ability to fuse robustness, agility and efficiency. Where Adaptive AI will bump out in 2020 is by conforming to more figures by resolving all type of difficulties.” Paul GREVE, Marketing Director 

“Edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a big trend people should keep an eye on. Edge AI is allowing real-time operations where milliseconds matter and brings more computing power to perform complex machine learning operations. From my point of view, it will go much more far at the acquisition chain.” Paul GREVE, Marketing Director 

“AI is an evolution of what we used to call automation. Experts have found a way to fuse AI with other systems more effectively. One of these advancements is the activation and regulation of certain devices, which enables you to gather real-time data. In 2020, you will be able to run more AI features in vehicles. The same thing goes for blockchains that can address security, scalability, and other alarming concerns using AI.” Stephane DAYRAS, Pre-Sales Director 

“AI has a need to serve the business. At Rakuten Aquafadas, a joint team was created with Rakuten Institute of Technology for a new feature called “Smart Digital Designer”. It’s a combination of 4 Artificial Intelligence domains: Nature Language Processing, Machine Learning, Computer vision, Deep Learning. This allows to take a flat content and transform it to an enriched and indexed content without any human interactions.” Richard GIGOU, International Sales Director 

AI technology trends

Quantum Computing

“I personally believe that Quantum Computing will be a huge thing in 2020. Quantum Computing is a new way of thinking about calculations. Current computers operate on the basis of 0’s and 1’s bits, and in the quantum world these bits are replaced by quantum bits (qubits) which have the fascinating ability to be in any state between 0 and 1. Therefore, Quantum Computing will permit to execute multiple operations simultaneously.” Paul GREVE, Marketing Director 

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“Data will be a big trend for 2020. We have now largely passed the course of simple analytical. We must make the prediction, the analysis of user behaviour. It is necessary to make User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX) that adapt as much as possible to each user. All of this is possible with AI and Data. That’s why those two pairs always go together. Reason why Rakuten Aquafadas is focused on recommendation engines, customisations, and presentations that will adapt more and more to the user’s profile.” Stephane DAYRAS, Pre-Sales Director 

“A continuing and growing trend in business is the increasing emphasis on two directions which may seem a bit contradictory, but which are actually closely linked. Businesses are focusing more and more on hyper personalised data driven processes, applied everywhere. As technologies become smarter and smarter, the user experience (UX) of end products improve considerably; personalised, one-to-one marketing campaigns become increasingly relevant and efficient. Sales processes become faster and with higher ROI, and internal management processes become more efficient and productive.

On the other side, there’s a strong trend for businesses to promote individual support, greater society values, human individual development of employees, and enable individuals to express their profound personal convictions. I’m talking about all sorts of sustainability projects, but also about initiatives to grow empathy inside organisations and towards its customers. Data driven approaches give individuals more relevant and more immersive products and services.

It helps to grant all wishes, to immediately and efficiently answer on any question or request coming up. Data driven everywhere also gives people a strong motivation to emancipate from anticipation, to free themselves from the feeling to be squeezed inside narrow algorithms. Hence, I think that we will see in the upcoming times that data will actually stimulate individual freedom, directly and indirectly.” Achille COENEGRACHT, Business Development Director 


“5G is going to bring real-time into all the applications.
Today we have already gone from downloading to streaming and tomorrow it will be extended streaming. You won’t even have time to see buffer. Everything will be instantaneous which will change the reactivity of applications, of users and the way they use mobiles applications and content.
Moreover, with 5G comes the explosion of connected objects like IOT.” Stephane DAYRAS, Pre-Sales Director

“5G has been evoked for many years, but this time in 2020 we will be in the “execution phase” where we will have to push far more heavy content, more enriched content. So, it will no more be a question of mind view, but of operational excellence” Paul GREVE, Marketing Director 

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