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Build and manage visually attractive apps with ease. Give your users high-quality reading experiences, enriched with innovative e-commerce, fintech and digital content services from the Rakuten ecosystem - at the same time keeping cost and complexity down.

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Rakuten Aquafadas solutions enable you to create business apps fast. Build your own app with drag and drop components, without specialist developers, and with straightforward maintenance, then customise and integrate them with internal and external components. Finally, fill them with outstanding content – we’re proud of our French roots, so we call it haute couture rendering!

Build mobile apps for business

Use drag and drop components to create cross-platform native apps with ease. Build once, publish everywhere, including iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS X and Web – deploy rich content including ePUB and HTML5.

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Use our advanced authoring tools to repurpose your legacy documents, or design new content from scratch, adding interactivity features, rich media, and more.

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Stay ahead of your competitors by offering unique mobile experiences to your users. Our clients benefit from decades of Rakuten experience and knowledge, produced by our global R&D centres – we’re always crafting new technology to help you engage your users.

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Sales enablement

Align your sales and marketing teams to sell more and more effectively

Digital publishing

Engage your readers with stunning and innovative experiences to create revenue


Communicating with staff and developing skills with mobile support

In practice - our case studies

With Rakuten Aquafadas technology the ongoing content management and production workflow has been set up in a flexible way way that varied types of documents could be included either already existing but enriched (with videos and more) or created from scratch using Indesign Plugin. And thanks to a login linked with the existing Stago’s Active Directory if offers a very exciting and useful, personalization of content served to each sales rep based on user profile stored in log-in details (contextual content serving).

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Working with Aquafadas, they created a mobile application ‘PwC Store’. It is designed as a client relations tool, filled with highly enriched studies, for use of 1,000 of the French PwC group consultants equipped with iPads. It enables centralisation of all commercial presentations, all kept up to date and easily sharable.

They are present in 60 countries across the world and only in France they have 9000 consultants in 1200 offices and branches specialising in various domains. And every day they need to access various sales presentations no matter of what type of device they use, their location and time available. All laboriously coordinated, prepared and shared by busy and content overloaded marketing and design teams.

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How it works

Simple drag & drop

Thanks to no-code platform simply drag and drop to create your app. All changes are made in real-time

Innovative authoring tools

Create beautiful interactive content (we call it haute-couture rendering) with our innovative authoring tools

Worldwide ecosystem

Access a business services ecosystem to accelerate your business with digital services from Rakuten Group

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