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Our specialities are apps of the future, and beautiful, pixel-perfect content. We’re French, so we proudly call it haute couture rendering! Don’t wait - start benefiting from our carefully crafted, no-code mobile apps platform, cloud authoring tools, and digital publishing software today. We can help you connect with your mobile-first audiences.

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App innovation plus business acumen

Our large R&D unit never stops creating new features, making us the prefered partner for mobile journeys and communications. We empower brands to create impressive mobile experiences quickly and easily, innovate and create measurable results.


From Mac software to an international business

Our story began over a decade ago in sunny Montpellier. We started as a leader in desktop software for Macs, including Comic Composer, Motion Composer, BannerZest, BannerZest Pro, and Pulpmotion to name but a few. See Aquafadas’ history video created with our technology.

But the launch of Apple’s iPhone changed our destiny. As well as the obvious potential for video and music, we realised that the iPhone was the perfect device for books and comics. We were the first Comic Book Library on the AppStore in 2008, quickly becoming a leader in converting comics to digital.
From there, we built out our digital publishing system, and created a unique plugin for Adobe’s InDesign. This enabled leading publishers to easily transition their glossy magazines into stunning mobile apps. We were at the forefront of digital magazine publishing working with Mondadori, Lagardere, Shueisha and more.

Digital business ecosystem

Today, we empower leading businesses across the world, including Adecco, Deloitte, VW, Audi, Turkish Airlines, PwC, AXA, and Pret A Manger with our mobile SaaS platform. We were one of the first to launch innovative native apps which are editable in real-time – we call them Next Gen Apps.
Next Gen Apps are agile, easy to maintain, and they drive revenue like nothing else on the market! As part of Rakuten Group’s global ecosystem of business services, we can deliver your vision, however ambitious it is!
And we never sit still. We endlessly craft new additions to our platform to help you do more with less. As one of Rakuten’s five principles of success states: Always Improve, Always Advance!

Our values

At Rakuten Aquafadas, we believe we’re unique. On our quest for innovation, we blend our French and Japanese influences to create a perfectly balanced culture. We celebrate our people for their technical talents, and their passion for our company (in Montpellier and the global Rakuten Group) and our customers.

Collaboration is in our DNA. Our unparalleled technology, cutting-edge office, and our unique team help us support teamwork and knowledge sharing. We encourage an open and flexible environment to make the most of our team’s personalities and ideas.

We stand for innovation and creativity. Rakuten Aquafadas was born from a love of tech, hence we all share a passion for it. We’re always looking for dynamic, digitally savvy people, who follow the latest trends, show initiative, and most importantly; think differently!

We stick together in good times and bad – We never say no to those who want to express their views and share opinions. There are no bad ideas – we love all of them. Most importantly, we appreciate people who are genuine, honest, and true to themselves.

Last but not least, we’re passionate about diversity and empowerment. Whether we’re working to increase the number of women in the tech industry through our Women in code initiative, supporting international students, or helping to close the digital skills gap with our Educational programme, we’re always looking to make a difference.


Our ecosystem

The network of Rakuten businesses across the world, combined with our seller/integrators and trainer partners, mean we can offer a truly global reach (even in China). Localised support and service, fused with and a vast choice of business tools and app integrations, including loyalty, chat, bonuses, collaboration, movies, and more offer an unmatched ecosystem to power your digital needs.


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