App Success in 2016: 6 Tips from the Experts

Mobile is the future, nobody’s about to disagree with that. While mobile apps and app marketing took giant leap forwards in 2015, this is only the start of the exciting innovations to come.
For app developers hoping to find success in 2016, being ahead of the curve is critical. So, to help you out, we gathered together 6 of the leading experts in app marketing to share their predictions and best tips for app success in 2016.

  1. Listen to your customers

Robi Ganguly, CEO and Co-Founder of Apptentive
My best tip for developers looking to boost their app ranking in 2016 is to focus on starting conversations with the people who use their apps.
By listening to your customers and proactively gathering customer feedback, you can improve your app. Customers appreciate being heard and will return the favor by leaving positive ratings and reviews in the app store and, most importantly, using the apps more regularly.
Higher ratings and reviews, along with better retention, lead to category leading rankings in the app store.
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  1. Tap reviews for product improvement

Tom Leclerc, App Store Optimisation specialist, Value of Review Mining
My biggest tip is to pay attention to users, if you don’t already. We’ve access to a huge amount of information that comes straight from users, namely reviews, but many in the industry simply don’t use it.
It’s interesting to note that almost every successful app has less than 10% negative reviews, while the really successful ones have less than 5% negative reviews. There’s a definite correlation. Whether you work directly to improve your one-, two- and three-star reviews, or use them to learn and improve your app in 2016, you’re ahead of the game. Sifting through and responding to reviews is difficult and expensive, but the difference between paying attention to reviews and not can be life or death.
How do you start using those reviews though? The best way is to use a review filter that drives unhappy users straight to your customer care department, where you can most effectively deal with issues. This also moves bad reviews away from the App Store.
Secondly, utilize the resources you have – whether it’s in-house talent, or free tools, such as – to create sentiment analysis. This can give an enlightening overview of the perception of your app by the people that matter – users – and help direct further growth.
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  1. Find TV fame

Sylvain Gauchet and Hugh Kimura, Apptamin
In 2016, we feel the big opportunity in apps is the TV platform, especially Apple TV. As you know, television has basically stayed the same for decades. The only thing that’s changed is the number of channels!
With the ability to merge gaming, apps and the ever-expanding world of online-only movie/TV content, these platforms offer huge marketing opportunity for the app developers who establish themselves early.
In addition, video ads are now a viable form of advertising within apps. This could offer a great marketing opportunity to advertise your app in other apps, or add a highly interactive revenue stream within your own app.
So our tip is to examine how you can establish yourself on platforms like Apple TV, right now. Doing well on TV platforms will lead to good rankings/downloads and possibly boost your rankings on mobile too.
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  1. Get celebrity endorsements

Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner, Dynamo Partners
Celebrities endorsing mobile apps will become more mainstream in 2016. It’s a marketing tactic even mid and small developers can use. We’ve seen multi-million dollar engagements like Arnold Schwarzenegger for Mobile Strike or Shakira for Angry Birds POP last year, but I am sure stars from various verticals (music, film, sports, fashion etc.) will appear more often.
The level of cooperation between the developer and the celebrity depends on the nature and concept of the app or game, the budget (obviously) and the fit with the targeted audience. Some will appear as a part of the app content, others may simply be involved in marketing stunts, follower outreach or starring as testimonials for marketing materials (including app store meta data).
This could be very interesting, especially for certain app store subcategories. Golf, fishing, cycling or fitness apps, could use famous names from these sports. Cooking and recipe apps may be endorsed by famous chefs. And navigation apps can collaborate with famous racing drivers.
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  1. Optimise all your channels

Simon Baptist, Director of Business Development, Tune
One of the biggest trends I noticed in 2015 was people stopped talking about paid user acquisition as the key to success. Instead, they spoke about engaged audience growth.
My view is that in 2016 we’ll see much more of this. More specifically, we’ll see more app developers trying to understand and optimise their paid, owned and earned media channels to find and engage with their audience. The developers who make this effort will have the best opportunity to boost their app success in 2016.
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  1. Discover what your users are looking for 

Moritz Daan, Phiture founder and mobile growth expert, Phiture
In 2016, App Store Optimization will increasingly become about rating management and review insights. The ASO industry will continue to work on tools that simplify review management.
More interesting will be to see how they develop machine-learning-based sentiment and keyword analysis. App reviews are an untapped goldmine in a projected 58B$ industry. They reveal what your users, and those of your competition, are actually are looking for. The challenges of effectively mining for insights, will likely be cracked in 2016.
These insights will be used to improve apps and make the lives of ASO managers easier. Instead of guessing what your users are looking for, you can use auto-mined keywords and phrases to define your localized keyword strategy and to annotate screenshots to boost conversion.
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What are your predictions and plans to boost your app success in 2016? Tell us what you think in the comments below. [:]

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