Build and distribute mobile apps for iOS and Android

AppFactory is a free software that lets you easily create a native iOS or Android app. This app contains the content you created using our InDesign or Cloud Authoring tools. In one click you can publish a mobile app for the Apple, Google or Amazon app stores.

Do you need help to distribute your app?

Multi document apps for enterprise

This app format is specific for a business’s audience. It can can contain several documents, divided in categories and sections. It can be private or public, also secured by a password.

Apps for publishers

We also have a format for press and book editors. The specific version for proposes subscriptions, sales and magazines and books promos. They can be created for one titles or several, for one books or multiple.

Windows and desktop apps

Aquafadas can also build for you a Windows app for your content. Once created, you can modify the app from our online tool: Cloud Connect. We can also create desktop applications to read digital content from a laptop (Mac or PC) even if you are not connected to internet.

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