Aquafadas tools supporting development of science e-publications in China

China is a growing digital publications market. Demand for digital content, e-commerce, and smartphones is rocket high. We’re proud to say that Aquafadas tools are already making a name in this booming market through our unique infrastructure set up and collaboration with local Chinese partners.

New client: Chemical Industry Press

Working with Beijing Liangziyuheng Technology, we’re happy to announce a new client: Chemical Industry Press (CIP). Established in 1953, it’s one of the oldest publishers, and one of the better known and trusted brands in China. CIP named as one of the “top one hundred publishers in China” focuses on scientific and educational publishing.

Engineering books on mobile

Using Aquafadas technology, the new project will focus on creating a pocket bookstore for engineers to enable them to check professional data on their mobile devices. The aim will be to distribute in digital format multiple scientific books with complex chemical, mathematical and engineering formulas inside. A difficult editing challenge requiring sophisticated technology.

Why Aquafadas?

Winning over the local competitor, the Aquafadas tools have been chosen due to a few key reasons:

  • Speed of the project delivery

“With Aquafadas tools, we could help customer deliver the project within one month while the others cannot be so fast.”, Ellen Yao, Beijing Liangziyuheng Technology
Compared with other competitors, Aquafadas provide integrated service from edit, interactive design to publish, which could largely reduce the production time and speed up the release rate, it is an important reason that clients choose Aquafadas.

  • What you see and what you get

“With the capability of  integration with professional typesetting software, Aquafadas  solved the problem of scientific books e-publishing which has been puzzling us for a long time.” , WuJiang, Director of Digital Publishing Department, CIP
With InDesign Plugin from Aquafadas, the problem that the science and technology books encountered during digital publishing are solved: to view and edit complex scenarios. With Aquafadas tool, it’s possible to view formulas show up on different devices without been deformed (precisely replicating the readers experience). It’s a great advantage when complex engineering data is displayed on very small screens. And what’s more, users can see the full formula with a click.

  • Reduce the digital publishing cost

Aquafadas tools enable digital publishing without coding knowledge. Traditional publishers do not need to be equipped with a large number of IT developers in the digital publishing process, which reduce the digital publishing cost.

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