Best Rakuten Aquafadas 2017 apps

By December 20, 2017App Marketing

What a better way to summarise this year than by listing best 2017 apps created with our technology. We’re proud to have been able to help various enterprises and publishers with their digital content challenges. Our software ventured all the way to China, France, Spain, Italy China, Pakistan, India and other countries. We supported press, blood science, information services, furniture, automotive and other sectors.

But what were the applications we liked most? What challenges did we like overcoming? We asked our colleagues and partners and this is what they thought.


Best 2017 apps in the eyes of Rakuten Aquafadas employees


Melanie Batocchi, International Business Development Manager

We had so many nice apps this year but the one that caught my attention was from Georgia Public House, which is a Government television and radio broadcaster in the state of Georgia in the United States. One of their branches is dedicated to education. And as a part of their initiatives, GPB publishes a state history textbook called Georgia Stories: Our State and Our Nation. And in 2017 they decided to use our technology swapping from Adobe Digital Publishing Suite platform. Why do I like what they did with our tools? They created a truly cross platform app with the digital textbook  available inside (iOS, Android, Web). They took advantage of all our enrichments – it looks great! And they also divided it into two parts (which many of our clients and prospects don’t realise): public content for students and private for teachers. Here is the web version if you want to check.


Allison Reber, Marketing and Communications Manager

One of my favourite 2017 apps was the one we created for our own event – Innovation Day. It was a great tool to promote our event and to provide useful into to attendees. During this day, we gathered guests from 15 countries across the world celebrating Rakuten ecosystem. Amongst them well known brands, clients and prospects, international partners, FC Barcelona head of digital products as well as other Rakuten businesses such as Viber, Rakuten Marketing, RIT and Rakuten Europe. Thanks to this app, we have been able to share with all of them regardless of their type of devices, the agenda and all sort of other information from accommodation to special sponsorship treats.The app was useful not only before the event but also after to share with participants the presentations and get feedback. Thanks to the ability to change our Next Gen app in real-time, we have done that quickly after the event, without losing time.The survey we run showed that 16/16 got a better understanding of the Rakuten Group Ecosystem and 15/16 would recommend the event. The support of the app for this innovative event was great!


Ewa Kwolek-Mazur, Marketing Manager

This year there was one very simple but clever and creative app that caught my attention. It has been done internally by a well-known sandwich chain – Pret A Manger. Without any help from us, they have used our tools (especially interactivity features) to the maximum. They created a very impressive onboarding for new employees in a shape of iPad demos designed to show new starters what the brand is about, train them about menus, culture,  and teach world-in-class customer services. It is not only really pretty, it uses clever e-learning mechanics (progress bar) but also it is fun and engaging with gamifications features.


Olivier Alluis, Deputy General Manager

In November I had the pleasure of attending an awards ceremony of the 3rd Cross-Straits University E-book Creation Competition in China sponsored by Rakuten Aquafadas. And it was amazing to see the quality and creativity of students who took part and created digital content and apps using our technology. The winning team from the Hangzhou Dianzi University created an app called ‘The Solar Diary’ designed to make users understand and learn about the solar system. It shows the solar universe before, present and in the future. It is a great way to discover and tell the story of space, astronomy and planets using digital content, images, videos, games and other interactive, fun features. And all of this created with our tools and by the future generation of digital graphic designers. I am looking forward to seeing more apps in China.


Ricardo Rubin, International Business Development Developer

I work mainly with the Spanish market clients and I like the MarcaPlus app – a digital publication for sports fans. Why? It not only looks great digitally but it has received countless awards:

  • In 2014  for 15 consecutive days it was the most downloaded app in Spain on the iOS App Store
  • In 2015 and 2016, they were finalists for Best app for Sports and Lifestyle
  • And they will be a finalist in 2018 during the same awards!

I am proud of not only MarcaPlus but also all our 2017 apps!


Manuel Ranchin, Sales Director

Out of our 2017 apps I have a smart corporate application example in mind from our new client Stago. They’re an In Vitro Diagnostic leader specialising in research of Hemostasis and Thrombosis. And this year with our technology they created a multi language application for their sellers in different countries. And why did I like it? It has a very clever design and structure. Users enter an app kiosk through covers and thumbnails only once they have chosen their category. And this app is also an entry point to all their other applications so it’s in fact a must-to-have sales digital tool!

If you want to know more, you can read the ‘App of the month’ article about Stago.


Arnaud Rossi, Key Account Manager

For me it will be the Elle digital magazine app from the French publisher Lagardére. It’s a Next Gen kiosk application with 1 new magazine issued every Friday. And it’s linked to the Localytics analytics platform allowing to follow readers’ behaviour to create users cohorts to send push notifications based on their actions inside an app. For example somebody uses the app on Friday when the new Elle issue appears but doesn’t buy any content. Then on Saturday an app can send a notification including a voucher that offers the current new issue for 1 or 2 hours using the Rakuten Aquafadas voucher system. A great example of clever technology helping our publisher clients sell more.


Christian Graf, Rakuten Aquafadas partner, Ceeqoo

The most exciting project in 2017 was to bring the Continental Magazine app behind the Great Firewall. Publishing in China is a big challenge, you have to consider many things like strict content rules and different app stores. Thanks to the good cooperation between Rakuten Aquafadas’ Chinese technology partners, the Berlin brand agency wirDesign and ourselves we could deliver this great magazine app as needed. Electric mobility is a big issue in China. And Continental as one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers provides excellent content on this topic.“

If you want to know more, you can read our blog about this app in China.


Julien Bernard, Products Lead Referent

I am proud of the work we have done with a great culture magazine here in France Lesinrock. They have been our client for some time and they were already using our innovative Next Gen app kiosk. But they needed a modern app structure to segment their 4 magazines well so readers can have an ultimate user experience. And they wanted to open access to their archive with over 1000 magazines. What a treat for readers! And we did just that. We supported them with changes of architecture and design. We also added an impressive Elastic search feature to enable users very in-depth and fast search in the mobile app magazine catalogue.


Katia Malnati, Events and Communication Lead Officer

Out of all our 2017 app I really like the work we’ve done for the Natuzzi’s app: a mobile sales enablement app that combines images, videos and interactive content showcasing luxury, high quality fabrics and sensorial experiences. With the app, you can really immerse yourself in the Italian Natuzzi collection, have constant updates and enable worldwide distribution.

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