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By December 13, 2017Case Studies

Every month we present best apps created with our technology and today it’s time for a smart app full of life science information from a market leader BIOCOM AG. It’s a fantastic example of a new generation apps: editable in real time and able to host various information types, well organised, accessible, intuitive for users and easily maintained by creators. We hope this blog will act as not only a way to showcase best practice but also inspire others searching for innovative solutions for interactive content.
BIOCOM AG is an information specialist for life sciences. For over 30 years they have been gathering and tracking all developments in biotechnology, medical technology and bioeconomy. Not only do they publish magazines such as European Biotechnology, they also specialise in consulting, studies, communication services, events and video production. But with many sources of knowledge comes a challenge: how to offer the easiest access for users while creating an intuitive backend process for those handling updates and adding new information?

One new generation app for all needs

BIOCOM AG started working with Rakuten Aquafadas a few years back. But as many today’s information providers, they realised that multiple simple apps are not sustainable.
“With our many divisions, from magazines, websites, studies to events and video productions, we were looking for a way to present these diverse channels in a single, unified format.”
So instead of building and running multiple single apps, they decided to build a single iOS and Android kiosk app available for smartphones and tablets. Their choice has been driven by a need to combine the multiple products, making it less confusing for readers.

Innovative features for mobile-first readers with a handy app

But the new BIOCOM AG app is not only easily accessible but also filled with various widgets highly desired and expected for mobile-first, time poor users, over-flooded with information sources and needing to find info with one click. Amongst handy features used there are:

  • Notes – they have been added to improve usability and offer additional benefits besides printed books by offering a possibility to mark, note and contact later on a person whose address and phone number have been featured in an app.
  • Full text search – included to get better overview and results for users scrolling across many information sources like over 12 issues of a magazine and simply looking for a company name or a special component in a drug.

Easy to use tools and clear pricing structure

Rakuten Aquafadas tools have been used by BIOCOM AG not only as they have already tested them in the past like authoring solutions. The information specialist for life sciences were convinced by not only straightforward technology but also a practical costing structure. And they liked the results they were achieving.
“Even with a small amount of features (anchors, HTML, sublayout features) you can produce impressive and intuitive solutions and the feedback we’re already receiving is great .”
“The developments of Aquafadas in the last three years have been immense. I look forward to what else is to come.”
See the handy app overview in a video.
And download it on App Store or Google Play.

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