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What a busy year we had. In 2018 we worked endlessly on developing our technology, supporting our clients in their fantastic projects and winning new ones! And we also kept busy blogging about mobile, digital predictions, trends, various insightful topics today’s marketers, publishers and those interested in tech need to know about. And here is a recap of what drew interest and attention of our readers! We take this opportunity to thank you all for following us and we look forward to sharing more interesting stories this year! And if you have any suggestion, ideas or topics on what you’d like to see for 2019, please feel free to contact us! And don’t forget to subscrible to our newsletter.  


Elearning trends in 2018  

With less time devoted to professional development and pressure on onboarding new staff comes a challenge. Especially when combined with ever so distracted, overwhelmed and impatient workers of today. What technology and elearning trends to use to boost professional development, self-education as well as performance and skills? In this blog article, we analysed new trends in elearning to see what will be hot and trending in 2018. It looks like you really appreciated this article but how many of these trends have you considered to implement this year? (Re)check our top blog post of 2018 to find out!  

Digital predictions 2018 – experts views  

What were the hot trends of 2018 accordingly to the industry experts? Will Apple continue bouncing back with so many new phones released last year? Is it possible that voice and images will become the biggest growing trend in the next months? Meaning moving users even further away from typing and creating a great impact on UX and UI standards? Is video dominance here to stay? Might app downloads and development increase even more? Will we see further VR applications with onboarding features to help users learn how to best navigate them? Too many questions asked in 2018…and you got all answers to these questions in one of our top posts of 2018. Stay tuned, 2019 edition is coming! 

What are Next Generation Apps 

Since their inception, the vast majority of native apps have had finite lifespans. Whether due to changing screen resolutions or underlying platform updates, or just out-of-date, hard coded content, many apps began to slowly degrade the minute they were launched.
And many of you were well interested in knowing what Next Gen Apps are.  

Building business apps – in 5 easy steps 

Another mobile app-related story that ranked really high. In today’s mobile-first environment, business apps are a no-brainer but how to build and manage them? Companies of any size can use business apps to offer a whole universe of useful content and bespoke functionality to users and customers. Apps offer a premium alternative to websites – reducing reliance on mobile web and delivering consistent behaviour across devices. Business apps can also help to simplify any number of previously tedious admin tasks, improving efficiency and building employee engagement.  

To start, these five steps below will help you think about how business apps can be put to work in your organisation: 

  1. Find the purpose
  2. Research is the key
  3. Experience led design is crucial
  4. Start a launch & engagement strategy 
  5. Measure & improve 

Check our new cutting-edge office – Rakuten Crimson House Montpellier 

One of our biggest and super exciting changes of 2018: our move to Rakuten Crimson House Montpellier! Many of you were curious to know about our new beautiful and shiny offices! This event really marked the beginning of a new chapter for us and the coming to life of a workspace designed to put people and ideas at the forefront of our everyday activities. In case you would like to visit us, we are now located in Parc Club Millénaire! 

Key content trends for 2018 

Something we well understood when collecting our top blogs: our readers wish to be well informed and step ahead when it comes to new trends and trending technologies, so do we! The world of content marketing is not without its challenges. Consumers have high expectations. Not just of the content quality, but of the availability and relevance. Even of their own experience when consuming it. This presents real challenges for even the most developed marketing operation and it’s more important than ever to stay up-to-date and keep your content strategy evolving 

Digital Publishing Trends 2018

It is essential to stay up to date with the latest trends to provide your audience with an optimal experience, keeping watch of the following trends will surely help you meet their expectations and plan for your digital content strategy for months to come.  

Some of these trends might certainly have a great impact on the audience you want to reach and might help you monetise.   

Among those: longer video formats, personalized content experiences and audio were expected from the digital publishing industry. Also, in 2018, mobile-friendly content and the importance of user experience were crucial. Finally, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and blockchain were part of the digital publishing trends.  

New App Store guidelines from Apple

During summer 2017, Apple created new app store guidelines for validation of applications. They also announced that in the future applications based on templates or app generation services would be rejected. This is considered as Apple’s way of decluttering the App Store to remove the overload of applications and clones.
This change proved controversial and led to the closure of services dedicated to application templating. It also impacted small businesses using this type of service to create their own apps. Check out one of our 2018 top blog post 

Blockchain Software Engineer – decoding technical jobs 

Some job titles may be hard to understand – especially when they are technical positions. That’s why we created “decoding technical jobs”, a blog series that allows us to inspire, encourage young generations but also boost diversity in our sector. We’re happy to see that our readers appreciated this post during 2018 and encourages us to continue this blog column! Many more to come!  


Want to know what kept our readers interested last year? Read our top posts of 2017! 

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