5 [Content] Ideas to boost employee engagement

By December 17, 2018Blog, Corporate

According to a Gallup report, as few as 33% of employees are engaged – yet, unsurprisingly, engaged workers care more about the products and services their organisation delivers – and perform better. So, if engagement is directly linked to performance, engaging employees needs to be a key priority for organisations. 

But thinking about what actually makes an ‘engaged employee’ can be challenging. According to the same report, there are twelve elements of engagement, which include everything from employees knowing what’s expected of them, and their opinions seeming to count, to understanding the mission of their organisation and having the materials they need to do their job. 

When considering what might positively impact these elements, the underlying theme is communication. This might be between staff and managers (such as in day-to-day work, or as part of performance reviews), from leadership (such as CEO statements or company mission and direction communications), even policies or product/service information (product information, HR handbooks). 

With that in mind, content is an excellent tool for engaging employees. When combined with powerful content delivery platforms, it can really help organisations communicate with staff. In this blog, we’ll look at 5 ways to build engagement using content. 

  1. Use what you’ve already got

Many organisations have been creating employee content (in one form or another) for a long time. Digitizing existing content, such as brochures, handbooks, and other paper documents can be a very easy way to get it into the hands of more employees. 

Even digital content can sometimes be siloed or hidden from staff – legacy intranets or file servers in the age of the mobile worker make it difficult for quality content to be discovered, or accessible at the right time. A content audit can unearth some hidden gems, and quickly extend the reach of existing content. 

  1. Go mobile

Whether corporate or personal (supported through BYOD technology), mobile devices in modern workforces are heading for 100% penetration. New generations, such as millennials have a clear preference for mobile, and as workers become increasingly distributed, the prevalence of mobile is an excellent opportunity to offer high-quality content experiences to all staff. Apps can ensure that staff get engaging experiences, whatever platform or device they’re using. 

Mobile content delivery platforms can help managers ensure that digital content is made available to even the remotest of workers, with minimal effort. They can also help facilitate simple communication between staff, ensure data security, and provide a strong platform for compliance, such as health and safety training for factory floor workers, or food preparation procedures for catering staff. 

  1. Engage employees directly

Some of the key points in Gallup’s report were that employees want to feel like they’re being heard, that they understand the mission of the organisation, and that there is appreciation of the fact that their role plays an important part in delivering that mission. Using mobile communication tools, and an effective content delivery strategy, all these objectives can be met, for example with; 

Staff interviews 

Interviewing staff and creating content such as blogs and video can help teams understand each others’ role, and the company as a whole.  

Celebrate achievement 

Highlighting customer success is great, but it’s also important to applaud success inside your organisation – knowing that they will be recognised for delivering great customer service, high sales performance, increased efficiency, and more will engage and motivate. Content such as staff league tables can highlight star performers. 


Surveys are an excellent tool for engaging employees. They can be used in a multitude of ways inside an organisation, including; crowdsourcing information, monitoring morale, gathering feedback on products and much more. Statistical analysis delivered in the form of infographics, and analysis pieces can give employees real insights into your organisation. 

  1. Train them!

Perhaps one of the best ways to engage employees, is to invest in them. Training content, from simple software walkthroughs to health and safety protocols can build confidence and engagement. 

A particularly good example is staff onboarding. When a new employee joins your company, giving them quick and easy access to a structured program of content, designed to show them the strengths of your organisation, help orientate them with new technology, find colleagues, and more can really help to build engagement from day one. 

  1. Reward engagement

Ultimately, content can go a long way when it comes to engaging your employees – but making sure they actually interact with that content can be tough. If better engagement equals better productivity, then it’s not such a stretch to consider rewarding enhanced levels of engagement. This can be done in a number of ways, but concrete incentives, such as vouchers and movie rentals can go a long way. 

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