Rakuten Aquafadas technology at the heart of another students’ competition in China


This year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in China hosted the 6th National Digital Art & Design College (NCDA) Award and the 3rd International Art & Design Exhibition event in Chengdu and Rakuten Aquafadas is proud that our technology has been leveraged during this competition.  

This nationwide contest is a part of the Rakuten Aquafadas wider engagement with students and educational institutions. Our digital content and apps are used not only to publish business documents, create digital newspapers but also to support young generation by offering practical experience and tangible proof of digital skills indispensable when searching for jobs in a highly competitive market of today. 

Popular event with high academic status  

On the 20th of October 2018, nearly 400 award-winning teachers and students from more than 200 colleges and universities in China gathered in Chengdu for the awards ceremony – a highly respected and popular event. This year it was attended by representatives from all over the country creating a platform for cooperation between industries, universities and research institutes.

Our CEO Olivier Alluis was there too and delivered a keynote about: Industrial Development Trend of Interactive Digital Publishing and Talent Training., focusing on development of interactive entrepreneurship and China as an interactive market and opportunity for growth as well as lack of interactive application development skills and talent and the importance of training. 

“I had the chance to participate to the 6th NCDA awards in Chengdu,  I have been deeply impressed by the quality of the Digital Art and Design in the projects students presented during this contest. And I was filled with proud when, on behalf of the whole Aquafadas team, I was honored to deliver a very significant number of rewards to the teams who used our solution to win prizes ! Participating to this competition was an eye-opening experience to discover the skills, motivation and creativity of students from thousands of Chinese schools. Lastly, Aquafadas and Art & Design professors share similar passion and enthusiasm for digital innovation, so we are honored to help them accompany talented students with best of breed tools to unleash creativity ! We’ll be back next year !”


Over 100 000 students from 1450 schools 

This year competition run between December 2017 till June 2018 gathering a whopping number of over 150k participants including: 100k students and over 51k teachers/professors from 1458 schools (including universities & colleges) competing in 9 different categories. 

Rakuten Aquafadas’s solution was utilized in the “Interactive app design the enterprise group” category, divided into 3 themes: 

  1. Cultural heritage protection
  2. Science and education
  3. The future of digital creative reading

A total of 14,621 non-propositional projects and 1,216 propositional projects were collected. The organizing committee invited academic experts and industry leaders to participate in the judging, such as Professor Wang Xueqing from the China Academy of Art, Professor He Renke from Hunan University and Professor Ling Jiyu from Southeast University. 

Results achieved with our technology 

In the Rakuten Aquafadas category: “Interactive app design the enterprise group” there were about 50 projects from 10 different schools submitted and 26 prizes were given to the participants: 3 first prizes, 6 second prizes, 15 third prizes and 2 honorable mentions.  

First prizes were awarded to the student SU Weihan from Xi’an Eurasia University for the work titled Xi’an-Chengdu high speed railway changing the “difficult roads in Shu”. CAO Kaiping, ZHAO Yue, ZHU Jingchen from Shanghai Art & Design Academy also received the first prize for their project work “The brilliant culture of the Yi Nationality”.  

And finally, the highest votes winners were the students HUANG Rujia, WANG Danyan, XU Ziwen from the Communication University of Zhejiang for their parent-child e-books about sexual education project named “Avowable secret” (below, an image of their project).


If you’re interested in last year’s competition details read about what happened in 2017. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you wish to receive more content like this, and contact us if your school would like to teach our tools too.  

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