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Best Rakuten Aquafadas apps in 2018 – in our own view 

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While 2019 is progressing fast, we’re still reminiscing about our best apps – fruit of fantastic work of our clients from last year. Here is a little retrospective of a small selection of our favourite mobile apps of 2018 from a perspective of our own teams! These examples show endless ways how our digital content publishing platform can be used by today’s businesses and why our colleagues liked it! 


European Space Agency 

“At the end of 2018, the European Space Agency launched its first application created with the Rakuten Aquafadas technology. What was their challenge? They wanted to show the opportunities offered by the Earth Observation programme in an enjoyable and interesting way. And that’s how their interactive “Copernicus Touchbook“ came to live. 

It has been thought and built as a free multimedia and interactive tablet publication. Through a circular navigation, this publication offers users the possibility to discover both the satellites and the services part of the programme. This app makes a clever use of the storytelling approach, enriched with videos, images, quizzes and interactions to explain to citizens, industry men and scientists how this massive European space initiative could really improve their quality of life. The result? We’re proud to see the most comprehensive communication tool ever designed for the Copernicus Programme. And what a fantastic client name to have on our list!” 

Mélanie Batocchi, International Business Development Manager 

If you want to know more read ‘App of the month’ article about the European Space Agency app.  


Tennis Mag 

“As a sports fan, Tennis Mag is without a doubt one of my favourite digital magazine apps. It contains great content enriched with interactive multimedia topics. You can find video interviews, debriefs of the last tournaments and many articles! Being able to participate in this project was a great challenge for the Rakuten Aquafadas technical team and myself. And I know for sure that the biggest names in tennis, including the professional French player Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, scrolled through the app and read our digital magazine!” 

Marilyne Berthelier, Assistant Product Owner 


Rakuten Tech Conference 

“In 2018, Rakuten Aquafadas provided a beautiful app with interactive content for the 12th annual Rakuten Technology Conference, an event that reunited over 1500 developers and entrepreneurs over the world. 

Fully oriented user-first, the application featured an intuitive agenda and speakers list to help conference participants find what they are searching for. The app was designed not only to facilitate event audiences but also to show what Rakuten is about and their vast technological innovation. It was designed with our tools in only 3 weeks and was a real success, just like the event! Really great experience.” 

Aymeric Baranowski, Creative Technologist  


Voiles & Voiliers 

“I really appreciated the app created by Voiles & Voiliers, a French magazine created in 1971 and leader in its field: sport and pleasure sailing. 

Developed with the Next Gen technology and the Rakuten Aquafadas InDesign plug-in, this digital magazine app has highly engaging interactive content and intuitive navigation. Knowing that nowadays, wi-fi is more and more accessible on ports, marinas and boats themselves, it was essential to create a complete mobile application, rich and easy to use. Thanks to our technology Voiles & Voiliers can offer a rich digital magazine with more digital content and a strong reading experience for their loyal fans. And it’s great to see readers like it as they’ve already downloaded the app more than 8000 times!” 

Arnaud Rossi, Key Account Manager 

If you want to know more, you can read a blog article about Voiles & Voiliers 


Rakuten Expo Brazil  

“In October 2018 our Brazilian colleagued utilised our digital content publishing technology to create a Rakuten Expo Brazil event app featuring interactive agenda, speakers and venue info. Working on this project was a very intense and challenging experience, and I loved it! As an interactive designer I was happy to fully manage the visual aspect of the app, to achieve desirable results even to a tight schedule. 

I was also able to collaborate and exchange ideas with the Rakuten teams across the globe. 

And the Rakuten Aquafadas team and I were really pleased to learn that the app was very useful for event attendees – this event application was downloaded almost 1000 times with average dwell time of 14 minutes!” 

Kotryna Stankevicuite, Graphic Designer 

If you want to know more, you can read a blog article about Rakuten Expo Brazil 


National Geographic 

National Geographic Magazine is a world-class magazine that’s been published for over 125 years and is available in 40 local language editions. I’m so happy to say that their digital magazine app was one of my favourite apps of 2018, because of its growth, evolution and innovation. Our proud partner RBA (leading publishing group in Spain) uses our technology to create a highly rich and fully interactive omnichannel version of the National Geographic monthly magazine. Rakuten Aquafadas not only supported creation of more value of their content but also helped enriching their subscription package to include print and digital versions, extra content and 3 screens at the same time.

Ricardo Rubin, International Business Development  


China Competition 

“I am a big believer in the power of technology and how it empowers young people. At Rakuten Aquafadas another year running we’ve been one of the sponsors of a students’ competition in China. Our technology is taught at multiple universities and it’s amazing to see impressive digital projects built by students while they’re learning and practicing indispensable digital content publishing skills highly in demand by employers. One of the apps that caught my attention was created by a group of students: HUANG Rujia, WANG Danyan, XU Ziwen from the Communication University of Zhejiang. It’s a very clever and highly visual parent-child e-book about sexual education. It is divided into beautifully illustrated stories; it has a handy guide to show kids how to use an app with clever images to help navigate and read Chinese characters. Throughout the app there are audio and video assets added, intuitive and fun navigational features and text bubbles appearing after a click. And at the end there is even an interactive learning part with a quiz! What a fantastic digital content app created by young generation for young generation on top with such important educative purpose!”  

Ewa Kwolek-Mazur, Marketing Manager 

If you want to know more, you can read a blog article about 2018 China Competition. 


De Matteis Agroalimentare  

“It’s been fantastic to see a new way of using the Rakuten Aquafadas technology – this time to support communication and engagement of supply chain of a well-known Italian brand – De Matteis Agroalimentare. We’re all about boosting value of content and this interactive app clearly shows how mobile documents can support dialogue with any B2B community in this case the Italian farmers and wheat collectors. And I am pleased to see that they are already about 2000 users and their number continues to increase. 

Achille CoenegrachtInternational Business Development Export

If you want to know more, you can read the ‘App of the month’ article about De Matteis Agroalimentare 


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