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What is an Information System Manager? Decoding technical jobs

Jobs in the tech sector, such as Head of Product, Front End developer, UI designer etc. can be hard to understand and that’s why we decided to ‘decode’ them by chatting to our colleagues at the Rakuten Group, often called Rakutenians, via a regular blog column called: Decoding technical jobs.

We’re very pleased to have an opportunity to leverage the enormous depth of technical talent that we have in the group in order to inspire, encourage young generations but also boost diversity in our sector. And today we’re discovering what it means to be an Information System Manager as we are talking to Jérôme Raybaud, from Rakuten Aquafadas.


Information System Manager: Jérôme Raybaud


Hello Jérôme! Thanks for taking part.


Tell us about being an Information System Manager

An Information System Manager makes sure that the information system fulfils business needs and enterprise strategy (present and future). In other words, the Information System Manager makes sure that information is available, reliable, confidential and secured.


What’s your typical daily task?

Solve immediate user problems that can’t be solved by an admin system. But for the most part my job is to put order in the information system and to make it evolve in a mid/long term perspective from a technical, process and organisational point of view.


What’s exciting about your job?

The twin-track approaches both technical and functional, short term/long term.


What’s most difficult?

The confusion between IT and information system. IT is only a part of the information system.


What kind of training and skills you need to become Information System Manager?

Any training will do (I have a master in chemistry). Technical skills are mandatory, but the most important things are organisational and interpersonal skills in order to always speak the same language that your interlocutor and to be able to translate business request into technical request.


How do you think your job will evolve in the future?

There is a growing consciousness that IT is only a part of the information system and that an IT manager or an admin system is not an information system manager. With this growing consciousness future shines bright.


What makes an Information System Manager laugh?

Project manager that only schedules meetings and send mails.

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