After five years of hard-earned experience towards efficient solutions for book publishers, Rakuten Aquafadas finally made it through Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 from October 16th to October 18th. Eight members of our team attended this exceptional event that offered the opportunity to exhibitors, a unique international platform that reflect our potential and professionalism in terms of digital publishing. This was definitely the best place for Rakuten Aquafadas to demonstrate its proven skills and propose global solutions that are complete and operational regarding book publishers.

Rakuten Aquafadas in front of the scene 

Indeed, on stage multiple fruitful meetings were held during three consecutive days with various multinational companies (B2B). Our booth was also a book publishing meeting point.  During Frankfurt Book Fair (FBM19) event KOBO, our sister company was assisting us and having meetings on our stand about book publishing. It is to be highlighted that over 302 267 trade visitors, 142 065 attended our booth more precisely 47% out of 302 267 visitors.

Our main objective was to mobilize partners in order to bring brand new solutions. As a matter of fact, our proposals are not only global but also frictionless, that is applicable to both mobile and web applications.

Rakuten Aquafadas has received excellent feedback from collaborators and participants at the Frankfurt Book Fair. In addition, Rakuten Aquafadas also exposed its technical capacities in terms of audio books much appreciated by all.

Scaling up and adding value to the digital publishing market 

Rakuten Aquafadas is one of the only companies that enable book publishers to create, ingest enrich content, publish and deliver digital books and monetize. And their solutions will master up your publishing chain from creation to distribution and especially on mobile and on web. It brings to the table an end-to-end software that will automate your workflows, customize your digital outlets, provide enhanced experience to your readership and monetize your content through new audiences reach.

It will get you: to control by freeing yourself from third parties’ locks, reach by growing and diversifying your audience, quality by providing excellent content experience, ease by no-coding solutions to have a quicker time-to-time market and finally monetize to implement new business models.


Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to Rakuten Aquafadas team members for their hard work and all the efforts in making the Frankfurt Book Fair (FBM19) a successful and fruitful event. Great perspectives and a bright future are ahead.

Here is a return from our Sales Director Richard GIGOU from Frankfurt Book Fair 2019:
That was a great event! We had lots of encouraging business contacts and meetings that confirm Rakuten Aquafadas as the perfect expert/solution in #digital content publishing, as well as supporting book #publishers in the field of digital transformation #fbm19 #digitalpublishing #FrankfurtBookFair “

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