Rakuten Optimism: an app powered by Rakuten Aquafadas

Rakuten means optimism in Japanese. A true core value that is shared by Rakuten but also by its business units. Rakuten Optimism deeply focuses on innovation. To share Rakuten value and vison of business, a conference will be held in Japan from the July 31th to August 3rd.

The main subject of this event will focus on how the 5G era will transform today’s life. Rakuten is embarking on new initiatives and redefining preconceptions.

Get an access to the Business Conference to listen to world-class speakers sharing their experiences on diverse topics.

The main goal of this event is to show how people and society are empowered through Rakuten’s Ecosystem.


The Rakuten Aquafadas touch


For the event, our team decided to create an app with our technologies to inform the participants on the program schedule and so on.

Having the information close to hand is key and it facilitate your experience on the event!

You can download the Rakuten Optimism app on iOS and Android