Latest digital publishing report – e-books to boost the global publishing market

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TECHNAVIO global digital publishing report  

We’ve been at the heart of the digital publishing industry for years – observing challenges and developments through the eyes of industry experts and our clients. But what will the future be of this dynamic space? Here’s an overview of the Technavio’s digital publishing report covering market landscape and growth prospects of the global digital publishing market for 2018-2022. The report includes a detailed synthesis of the market based on data from multiple sources. 


Digital publishing market drivers, challenges & trends 

Geographical segments  

  • Americas
  • APAC (Asia Pacific)
  • EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) 

Top key vendors and products  

  • Alphabet: Youtube
  • Amazon: Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle
  • Apple: iTunes, iPad
  • Comcast: VOD/Subscriptions
  • Netflix: VOD/Streaming

Factors driving demand  

  • Increase in internet penetration and speed
  • Mandate on cable TV digitization
  • Digitization of paperback books

Key trends impacting the market  

  • Scope for varied players to enter the market
  • Proliferation of mobile applications
  • Collaboration with network providers

Challenges affecting market dynamics 

  • High subscription costs
  • Privacy and cybersecurity issues
  • Piracy-related challenges
  • Large number of intermediaries


Growing adoption of e-books key booster of the global content publishing market through 2021  

Digitization of paperback books  

There is an increase in the demand for digitized content and there are several vendors to cater to this demand. 

  • Text content segment is expected to account for a share of 60,33% in 2022

The print industry is witnessing a shift from print to digital media, which is impacting the share of the text content segment;  

  • The domestic market demand for e-books increased by 27,1% by the end of 2016 compared with 2015
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The increase in the number of e-book readers has resulted in a decline in print media in the last few years.


Proliferation of mobile apps  

The increase in the shipments of smart devices, such as smartphones and tablets, has led to a considerable rise in the demand for digital content.  

  • 75% of the 18+ Americans have a smartphone
  • Over the last few years, the mobile news consumption has increased nearly 33%
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Apart from the continued increase in smartphone shipments, the development of mobile networks will be instrumental to the growth of the global digital publishing market. The prepping for the launch of 5G networks will also encourage users to download and stream digital content seamlessly across mobiles devices, including smartphones and tablets.    

“Apps play an important role in consumers’ mobile experience even though mobile web browsing is popular. Over 90% of smartphone users use apps. Two-thirds of the total smartphone users use news, music, entertainment, or sports apps, apart from social applications. During the forecast period, with the growing downloads among consumers, proliferation trend of mobile applications across segments will be witnessed,” says a senior analyst at Technavio for research on education technology. 


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