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What is a Support Technician? Decoding technical jobs

By October 26, 2018 No Comments
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At Rakuten Aquafadas we work with technical talents from different backgrounds and with different skills. We have web developers, graphic designer, data specialists, UX/UI experts. But what do they actually do? It’s often hard to understand their jobs and that’s why we launched a regular column to ‘decode’ technical professions. The goal is to inspire and explain what they really mean and do. Today we are chatting to our Support Technician, Katherine Carrillo. 

Support Technician: Katherine Carrillo 


A Support Technician serves as the link between final users and employees (in Katherine’s case, developers). She explains and helps clients how to use company’s tools provided. 


What’s your typical daily task?  

I am in charge of the premium desk (meaning clients who bought tools + our support service) of Rakuten Aquafadas. For example, a client sends us a ticket (it’s basically an email sent by the client when he has troubles with our tools). It implies for us to know at least the basis of how works each of our tools. But when it becomes much more technical, we transfer the tickets to the developers (back-end, front-end … etc). Sometimes it takes time so we have to calm down our clients, doing that needs patience so each of us has to work on it. It means also that we have to set a follow-up with our developers in order to know how fast they deal with the bugs. 

Then when we are done with our premium clients, we deal with the other ones who didn’t buy our services.  


What’s exciting about your job? 

There is no routine. There are challenges every day because sometimes there are bugs we can’t solve immediately and we need to learn how and fast. So, to sum up we, on a daily basis, learn new things on our tools which always evolve and get updates, and how to handle client’s moods. And you need also to adapt yourself on your client’s culture which differs a lot depending on its country. 

The apotheosis is when we close a client’s ticket. It means that we did well and we were successful. 


What’s most difficult? 

When of course you failed to resolve a ticket and you need to refer to a developer. And even worse when the developer can’t either give a solution fast because they are too busy (when they are on a product launch or something similar). And you need to endure client’s pressure. 


What kind of training and skills you need to become Support Technician? 

Technical informatic studies seem to be the more logical ones. Regarding the skills, you need to always want to learn things, to discover over and over how tools are working (because they always evolve so they have new features and functionalities). You also have to be patient and capable of handling delicate situations with clients. You need to have knowledges in front end, back end and other specific technical jobs.

How do you think your job will evolve in the future? 

It will evolve with new technologies as the world is becoming more and more digital. So support will be essential much more than today.

What makes a Support Technician laugh? 

“Can you give the release date of this next tool version?” 

We never know what to answer because it really depends on developers work. 

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