A dedicated tablet app to improve the management of the world leading cycle race

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Created in 1903, the Tour de France is the 3rd sporting event in the world. With a 3-week race taking place in July and bringing together the best cyclists of the moment, 22 teams of 8 riders who crisscross the roads of France and sometimes even the neighboring countries during the twenty steps that counts the test. With a total distance of around 3500 km, 12 million spectators of all ages meet at the roadside to party and applaud the runners! With so much information to take into account: the teams on site were given each year an entire file of 250 pages with all the practical information. Today, the digital era is at its peak, the Tour de France decided to take advantage of the Rakuten Aquafadas solution to create a mobile app! 

250 pages of information in one interactive and convenient app 

Amaury Sport Organization produces each year, on the occasion of the Tour de France, a printed document gathering all the necessary information such as a presentation of the departure and arrival cities, the course, the various accesses and the transit times, for the race followers (teams, journalists, officials and VIPs). 

This comprehensive document contains 250, A4 size pages and must be transported and consulted daily during all of the race, that lasts one month. 

A paper document replaced by an interactive digital solution 

The digital solution of Rakuten Aquafadas allowed the followers of the Tour, to replace the paper version, much too heavy, by a digital and interactive version, much more practical and intuitive. 

The latter was able to respect the budget and time constraints, since it had to be produced during the printing time of the Print version. 

All essential information in one easy-to-use app 

Each of the “follower” vehicles, were equipped with a tablet, allowing direct access to the application. This facilitated their daily travel and their organization for each stage of the race. 

Thanks to the Rakuten Aquafadas solution integrated into the InDesign software, the designers could use existing content in order to add it to the app and insert interactive features. Thanks to the app, the teams were able to save time and be more efficient during the race. 

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