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August 25, 2020

How to Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Discover why making your content mobile-friendly is a critical part of maximizing content performance in 2020 Writing copy is only a fraction of the content…
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no-code and low-cde app development 2020
July 17, 2020

No-code, Low-code and Beyond 2020

Here’s why you should pay attention to low-code and no-code for both SMEs and big corporations in 2020. With today’s global pandemic, we’ve witnessed a…
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2020 technology trends
March 18, 2020

2020 Technology Trends: Experts Predictions

New and emerging technologies have the capacity to change our lives. Find out what Rakuten Aquafadas industry experts think of the technology trends that will…
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March 2, 2020

2020 Experiences Trends: Experts Predictions

As we kick off another year, Rakuten Aquafadas experts have put together a list of top experiences trends that will have a significant impact in…
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October 24, 2019

Why apps are key for modern media businesses

In the last quarter-century, a lot has changed in media. As the internet became an intrinsic part of daily life, then (with the advent of…
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September 26, 2019

Get more value from your existing app infrastructure

Value is a complicated concept. In business, the value of a purchase or an initiative can be expressed in literal terms, or considered in a…
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High-quality content delivery
August 14, 2019

High-quality content delivery: select the right tools

Welcome to the future It’s an era of unprecedented choice, which has precipitated declining attention spans and (when it comes to poor experiences) intolerance. Consumers…
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Rakuten Optimism
July 29, 2019

Rakuten Optimism: an app powered by Rakuten Aquafadas

Rakuten means optimism in Japanese. A true core value that is shared by Rakuten but also by its business units. Rakuten Optimism deeply focuses on…
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July 24, 2019

Spartan Race 2019

Spartan Race began in 2010 at the Catamount Outdoor Center in Williston, Vermont to become a worldwide race.  In September 2018, Rakuten announced its multiyear…
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user experiences
July 15, 2019

Turn manuals and technical documents into beautiful user experiences

Let’s start with the obvious: manuals and technical documents have a reputation for being bland (to put it nicely). For consumers, this is so ingrained…
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digital publishing
June 25, 2019

Your 10 minute guide to digital publishing 

What is digital publishing? Between the invention of the Gutenberg press in the 15th century and the 1980’s, not a great deal changed in publishing.…
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Android 32 bit apps
June 17, 2019

Android to end support of 32-bit apps – all you need to know

Following our article about Apple ending supporting 32-bit apps it is now the turn to Android! Android apps will need to support 64-bit starting August…
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