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By September 24, 2019events

Rakuten Aquafadas for Book Publishers

In the current mobile-first era, book publishers are still struggling to engage readership on digital. Rakuten Aquafadas provides end-to-end solutions for publishers to easily engage readers, including the skyrocketing audiobook industry.

Want to know more?

Make an appointment with us now! Our team will be delighted to hear about your business and help solve all your challenges.

The Rakuten Aquafadas team designed industry-specific solutions in order for marketing, business development and innovation specialists to quickly & easily create their own tailor-made channel to market.

We look forward to meeting you. We’ll show you how our tools can help you grow your audience, deliver enhanced content experience to your end users and monetize it.

We enable publishers to create, ingest and enrich their own content, whatever the original format. Thanks to Rakuten Aquafadas, book publishers are, at last, able to publish and deliver truly beautiful digital books. Publishers can make books and catalogues available via mobile & web, regardless of the end-user’s device or environment. The business outcome is our solutions facilitate monetization of digital book collections and unveil new revenue streams matching various business models: B2C, B2B, B2B2C or B2E.

How we help

Rakuten Aquafadas’ software suite empowers book publishers to easily create their very own tailor-made channel to market. It makes it possible for them to master the publishing chain from creation to distribution.

Automate your workflows. Customize your digital outlets to each of your end-users’ needs. Provide enhanced content experience to your readership. Monetize your content through new audiences reach. It’s as easy as that.

What you get

The benefits for book publishers are quite obvious, and huge.

First of all, control: with our solutions, you just free yourself from third-parties locks and recover a position where you entirely run your business, your revenue and margins.

Next – reach: Rakuten Aquafadas and its strong, large ecosystem make it easy for you to grow and diversify your audience.

On top of that, our suite includes a state-of-the-art InDesign plugin and a no-code app & content management platform. It engages and retains your readership via an unmatched content experience delivery.

Ease is also one of the great advantages with Rakuten Aquafadas. We provide no-code solutions that will dramatically lower your time-to-market.

Last but not least, we’ve successfully tested our software suite with top industry leaders in the book publishing sector. It’s helped them implement new business models they had never thought of and that are now driving new brand revenues.

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