Our case study : Continental

Multi language, digital magazine about the future of mobility

How to publish multi language magazine? How to share innovative news with readers across the world, without breaking the bank?

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The German Continental Corporation is one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers. Twice a year they publish their digital magazines about the future of mobility exploring topics of: people behind the automated driving, opportunities, cultural differences and ethical considerations associated with driverless machines. To optimise their content creation worldwide they were looking for easy-to-use tools with multi-language support and interactive enrichment options

Solution : Mobility of the future app

They decide to choose tools with various language versions features in one app with support from regional providers. Working with Rakuten Aquafadas German partners, they created free eMag (available in German). The idea was to keep the existing corporate brochure layout and identity unchanged but make it available for tablet readers.”We were sold on the Rakuten Aquafadas tools as soon as we realised that we can easily create a tablet-optimized publication directly in InDesign. Rakuten Aquafadas offers us endless possibilities to engage our readers with the mobility of the future.”

Results : 3 language versions created with ease

Following the successful creation of the German e-mag, they are now working on developing the English and Chinese version, benefitting from the international network of Rakuten Aquafadas resellers. Without the need to look for local suppliers or concerns about access behind the Great China Wall, they’re on the way to easily distribute inspiring company news.

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