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Dinamalar is the number one Tamil newspaper in the world. It has been the day starter in many households in the Tamilnadu state of India, for the past seven decades. The newspaper has been providing the news and happenings in all walks of life, since it launched, back in 1951.

To keep their readers engaged, they needed to constantly innovate their delivery mechanism. They weren’t only targeting traditional readers but also new age readers, who needed to stay updated on the go, round the clock.

Solution : Innovative, interactive and more informative e-paper

The newspaper took a step forward by launching the next generation E-paper called “iPaper” available on mobile devices. Thanks to the Rakuten Aquafadas digital content publishing suite, Dinamalar became the first news publisher in the country to adopt an interactive platform, including multi-sensory tools.

In order to engage more readers through social media, the app allows them to interact and voice their opinions about the published content. iPaper also brings the whole editorial and advertising content to life with videos, audios, coupons and more, as well as built-in features like quizzes and crosswords.

Results : Thousands of installs and everyday users

Since e-paper was published as an app, it was installed more than 50,000 times and currently has an overall score of 4.3 stars over five on the Play Store. With numerous comments praising the interactivity, user interface and the navigation between articles.

“A very innovative and nice app that gives the feel of reading directly from newspaper. Navigation menus automatically takes us to next article and zoom in and out are very nice. Additional photos and interacting videos give more insight about the news. Dinamalar as usual stays first in bringing the new trends and initiatives in the Indian newspaper industry.”

You can take a look by downloading the app for Android on the Google Play Store.

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