Gathering various sales demos formats in one handy iPad app

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How to create and manage a flexible sales repository without shaking up the current internal workflow?

Gattefossé’s challenge

The Gattefossé group develops products and specialty ingredients for the beauty and healthcare industries worldwide. They are experts in lipid chemistry and plant extraction and creation of effective natural actives and functional lipid excipients. With their numerous sales documents all saved in different formats, they were searching for a beautiful method of presenting demos while maintaining the current internal workflow.

Solution: PDF, inDesign and HTML sales documents in one handy sales application for iPads

Gattefossé decided to partner with Rakuten Aquafadas in order to equip their sellers with digital, rich interactive demos of their products. By choosing an innovative Next Gen application template they were able to use it as a flexible repository of their various sales documents easily produced in multiple formats: PDFs enriched with videos, hyperlinks and deep links directing to other information, as well as HTML5 content accessible on desktops. Initially the app has been designed solely for 40 sales reps equipped with iPads in charge of cosmetics and in the future it will also be expanded to the teams responsible for pharmaceuticals.