Our case study : Greenpeace Magazine

Social activism redefined by digital

Would it not be nice to get involved with the natural world and peace issues from the comfy warmth of our sofas? Imagine learning more about toxic waste, climate change, peace etc. by simply opening one of your mobile apps ?

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Greenpeace Media in Germany knew that their audience loves getting involved by reading their printed magazine. And they wanted to offer them an additional benefit and a unique reading experience by going digital.

Solution : environmentally friendly magazine

They’ve chosen to use Aquafadas tools based on the fair pricing model and ability to use the existing content. New technology allowed them to enrich their content with interactive features, videos and audio to offer even more engaging information about environment, social, nature, food etc. And all of it cheaper for the wallet and more environmentally friendly! And available on iPad and Android tablets as well as smartphones.

Results : maximum creative freedom, minimum spend; best new Apple app

“Greenpeace Magazin is published six times a year with lavishly designed issues and monothematic booklets. Therefore, we looked for a lean solution that allows us to create the Greenpeace Magazin digital design on basis of our InDesign documents. At the same time we didn’t want to create a digital duplicate of the printed magazine, but a rich media publication that fully exploits all advantages of a tablet. Aquafadas offers us the possibilities we need to implement the app with maximum creative freedom.”, Kurt Stukenberg, Member of the Chief Editorial Team (Head of Digital Strategy)
And Apple loved it too recommending it only a few days after launch as one of the best new apps.

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