Our case study : Natuzzi

Interactivity and functionality combined

How to showcase high quality fabrics and furniture? How to provide sensorial experiences and visual effect online? All of this available on varied devices, multi language and always up to date.

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Natuzzi Italia is an Italian furniture company specialising in sofas, armchairs and living room accessories. The “made in Italy” brand is today present in over 123 countries. They needed to highlight the distinctive characteristics of Natuzzi’s products at the same time supporting sales teams equipped with tablets.

Solution : interactive sales demo

Working with Rakuten Aquafadas partners, Natuzzi created an app containing a digital brochure, an interactive evolution of their classic printed catalogue. Through images, videos and interactive content it provides an immersion in Italian Natuzzi collection and a trip through the Natuzzi Group values. It’s available in Italian with 14 more language versions available soon.

Results : increased value of content

“Thanks to the various functions available from Rakuten Aquafadas digital publishing suite, we studied the most dynamical and interactive solutions to increase the value of the content and to allow Natuzzi customers to live this vast immersive and sensory experience, at the same time discreetly accompanying them in the choice of products and of the style in harmony with their personal taste.”

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