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Digitising professional training experience

How to create additional value and provide ultimate experience for trainers and learners in professional training scenario ?

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Orion Santé is a training organisation for health professionals in France. They are a leader in this domain and they have always been on the forefront with state-of-the-art quality learning manuals but also thousands of happy professionals who have so far benefitted from their training. But they needed to continue driving leadership and innovation in this sector as well as optimise training materials creation process and costs. Their goal has been to provide fully digitalised experience on tablets, smartphones and web. They also wanted to add value to users before, during and after learning sessions and also continuously improve their documents while adding new technological elements.

Solution : first training organisation to launch an app-based training experience

Taking advantage of Rakuten Aquafadas digital content publishing suite, Orion Santé has digitised their learning content and made it available via a secure web, smartphone and tablet mobile application. It is designed for both of their audiences: trainers and medical professionals learners. It provides easy and secure access to training materials enriched digitally thanks to Authoring tools and inDesign plug-in. Created from existing materials but also new ones. The content is served to users based on their profile such as training topic attended and is available 3 weeks before a training session, during and after to help medical professionals quickly grab a piece of info even when they’re on the go. It is also linked with a new feature allowing users to collaborate in real time (via a technology called BeeKast). And this is only the beginning!

Additionally from internal process perspective, thanks to a user management feature, the Orion Sante in-house app editors gained a full independence in terms of app changes and real time modifications. They can not only continue enriching the app itself but also endlessly updating documents previously not editable once printed. All done internally without need to engage app developers or IT teams, saving time for all parties.

Results :fantastic initial reaction and plenty of innovation to come

“We’d like to continue as a market leader in our field reinventing learning experiences. We needed a technological partner with long-term vision and ambition. Rakuten Aquafadas, a part of a global Rakuten Group, is exactly the type of organisations and software we were after and we cannot wait to enrich our new training app with AR, gamification and other features. They offer us an innovative technology but also ability to sync with other fantastic services such as loyalty points and e-learning, all within their ecosystem.”, Orion Santé

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