Our case study : PwC

PwC Store app – mobile innovation in client relations

How to provide a ‘quality meeting experience’ while showcasing digital innovation at the same time?

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PwC is one of the four biggest accounting firms in the world. Their 223,000 employees present in 157 countries deliver expert reports interacting with senior clients from various sectors. As pioneers when it comes to digital transformation, they needed an innovative tool for their own sales consultants to provide ‘quality meeting experiences’.

Solution : interactive client relations app

Working with Rakuten Aquafadas, they created a mobile application ‘PwC Store’. It is designed as a client relations tool, filled with highly enriched studies, used by 1,000 of the French PwC group consultants equipped with iPads. It enables centralisation of all commercial presentations, all kept up-to-date and easily shareable. It also supports the operational teams with real time changes. And it’s a perfect tool when it comes to embedding interactive features to illustrate PwC’s expertise.

Results : easily personalisation

“Our clients are now able to interact with our demos when our consultants can at the same time specifically tailor them depending on interlocutor needs.” Jean-Paul Bouteloup, Marketing Innovation Manager, PwC France.

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