Our case study : Saint-Gobain

Differentiating sales offer thanks to interactivity

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Saint-Gobain is a multinational construction and high-performance materials leader. Isover, one of the companies within the group, is a key player in insulation products market. They’ve been known for their innovative spirit and decided to sell with a difference using dynamic sales tools by injecting interactivity in sales.
“We wanted to stand out during our product demos by differentiating our offering and presenting our materials with interactivity. We also wished to get closer to our clients.”, Sonia Souami, Marketing Digital

Solution : digital sales presentations

Saint-Gobain Isover decided to go mobile by creating a sales enablement app. The new tool fitted business requirements due to various reasons:

Their sales team were spread across the entire France and needed easily accessible, always up-to-date documents. Thanks to mobile they gained efficiency and were able to automate sharing process, easily updating sales materials on all devices.

By converting from paper to digital, they gained a highly seductive rich content helping sales rep to deliver highly impressive live demos.

Mobile enabled personalisation of each client meeting fulfilling specific requirements.

Results : positive feedback today and great ambition for tomorrow

The project pilot has exceeded expectations. The new tool has been well received and adopted. After a short period of time over 250 employees are already accessing new content on web. And sales teams and clients like new attractive presentations. To top it off from 2017, the entire sales force will be equipped with iPads filled with dynamic interactive product demos. And all the rest of the company incl. clients services and tech support will be going mobile next.

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