Displaying the group’s dynamic through an interactive mobile presentation

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Thales’ challenge

Thales, an entity of 60 000 people in France and abroad, has reorganized the entire Group by creating 5 Large Business Units, themselves composed of Business Lines. (or Lines of business)

In order to show and display the dynamics of this reorganisation, management has initiated a performance program within each Business Unit. The Internal Communication department was to create a presentation tool, in keeping with the Group’s ambition.

With only 2 months’ time and a limited budget, Thales group turned to the Rakuten Aquafadas digital content publishing platform to create a dynamic and interactive mobile presentation.

Solution: A dynamic and interactive mobile presentation

The Thales Group decided to exclude any computer development. The content publishing solution provided by Rakuten Aquafadas was faster, cheaper and easier to implement, and allowed the group to respect the time constraint.

The design team, including the graphic designers were able to work directly on the enriched content published inside an application, allowing a lot of flexibility during its implementation.

Result: an effective and modern internal communication

The performance program was an opportunity to show and display the Group’s dynamic, to present the new organisation and managers but also to create new synergies and to give the opportunity to harmonise or supplement the offers of the Business Unit.

The application created for tablet was connectable to a touchscreen and allowed for roadshow-like presentations. A mobile solution that corresponds to the Group’s dynamic.

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