Our case study : Tour de France

Equipping the most prestigious cycling race in the world with an optimised mobile solution

How to optimise the world leading cycling event through a tablet app?

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Every year, on the occasion of the Tour de France, Amaury Sport Organisation produces a printed document gathering all the information necessary for the race followers (teams, journalists, officials and VIPs). This document includes for each stage a presentation of the departure and arrival cities, the route, the different accesses and the transit times. 

This comprehensive document contains 250, A4 size pages and must be transported and consulted daily during all of the race, that lasts one month. 

Solution : digitization of a comprehensive document for the onemonth race 

In order to allow the followers of the Tour to easily embark on a daily basis, the Rakuten Aquafadas solution, integrated into the InDesign software, allowed the creation of a digital alternative, based on the print version, that all the teams involved had previously agreed to. 

The latter had to respect the budgetary and time constraints and was meant to be produced while the paper version was printed.  

Results : all the relevant information in one easy-to-use and intuitive app 

The application was designed for tablets, present in each of the followers’ vehicles. This facilitated their daily travel and their organisation through each stage of the race.  

Thanks to the Rakuten Aquafadas digital content publishing solution integrated in the InDesign software, the Amaury Sport Organisation team managed to preserve all the graphic elements previously created. The graphics team was then able to add dynamic presentation features. In addition to a layer of interactivity, highly appreciated by the users. 

Thanks to the app, the teams were able to gain time and be more effective during the race.

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