March 16, 2018

Building business apps – in 5 easy steps

In today’s mobile-first environment, business apps are a no-brainer. Companies of any size can use business apps to offer a whole universe of useful content…
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February 9, 2018

What are Next Generation Apps

Application life cycles Since their inception, the vast majority of native apps have had finite lifespans. Whether due to changing screen resolutions or underlying platform…
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November 15, 2017

Why mobile employee engagement is key

Mobile employee engagement is key - it creates business results. But how to achieve and put right strategy and tools in place? The answer seems…
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CorporateSource of Inspiration
September 1, 2017

Agile mobile content – how to take control of in-house app costs

Why agile mobile content is important? Modern consumers find information about everything themselves without listening to brands. To help with this marketers have been creating…
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Case StudiesCorporate
August 16, 2017

Workplace health promotion: reading and searching with ease case study

The German agency wdv Group launched an innovative media app for their customer BGW - the statutory accident insurance for non-governmental institutions in health care…
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App MarketingCorporateNews
August 1, 2017

Cloud storage tools integration – automating apps management in enterprise

Today’s enterprises have become content creators and publishers. To succeed in the fast-paced business world they’re on a hunt for content management and publishing business…
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Case StudiesCorporate
July 1, 2017

The mobility of the future – what will it look like? Continental app in China

Cars industry is booming in China. No surprisingly the German Continental Corporation, one of the world’s biggest automotive suppliers, decided to go east and distribute…
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Case StudiesCorporate
May 5, 2017

App of the month – mobile marketing in metals industry

Read about the latest mobile app and digital magazine created with our software. Working with our Austrian partner CeeQoo and a creative technologies company Qupik,…
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